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Women In Science

No description

Teresa Lem

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Women In Science

Modern day Women
Why these choices?
A Brief History
"Inspire Her Mind"
Why so few women in science?
Women In Science
Lizzie Beuyukian
Nicole Curtis-Brown
Crystal Faqih
Teresa Lem
Kumar Veeravel

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi
Form two groups
Shop online for a holiday present for a 5 year old child. Find two toys, one for a boy, and one for a girl.
What did you find in the "boy" and "girls" sections of the websites? Why?
Describe the process you used to select the toy you decided on. What factors influenced your decision?
What toys did you play with as a child?
Toys R Us Example
You may not know...
Women in other fields aided women in science
Feminist historians wrote about women in science- 1980s
Created more education for women in science
Literary works-
illustrated dangers to humanity, if science did not become more 'human'
Gender in history of education
Problems in other Countries
Women in other countries are still in the stages of gaining basic rights, so the women in science is almost nonexistent
Saudi Arabia is an example of this
Malala Yousafzai - Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Proof that progress is still happening worldwide
No encouragement from family
Girls are treated differently than boys
Family encourages women to fit inside the "box" they think that women should be in
Toys purchased
Activities joined
When science topics are taught...
Some teachers teach women with a different attitude than they do men
Male peers has different reactions towards women
If the woman understands, but the man does not
If the woman do not understand the subject

Role Models/ Environment
The atmosphere that women and men grow up in greatly influences their perception of gender roles.
Examples of Women in Science
B.S. in Physics from Yale
moved away from STEM
shared her experiences and reached out to other women in STEM
Eileen Pollack
B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford
Inventor of Goldieblox
Encourages Women engineers
Debbie Sterling
How do we fix this?
41% Life and physical scientists
27% Computer related majors
13% Engineering majors

Among science and engineering graduates, men are employed in a STEM occupation at twice the rate of women. (31% of men versus 15% of women)

1 in 5 women with a science or engineering degree are out of the labor force, compared to 1 in 10 men

62% of women in STEM do not have children

Women with a science or engineering degree working full-time make $58,000 year on average compared to $85,000 on average for men
Women who work in STEM make $75,100 on average while man make $91,000 on average

Right now...
Organizations promoting on campus
Promoting with the media
Woman Scientists on shows
There is a greater chance of higher education because of minority requirements set.
Strategies for Women
Embrace feminism for its original meaning.
Men are often quick to challenge the findings of their female colleagues- be aware of this
Confidence is key
"Women tend to defeat themselves by low estimates of their abilities, low self-confidence, and low aspirations" (National Research Council 28)
Attributes appear to be common to women who have S&E degrees and successfully pursued industrial employment:
Establish and meet goals
Take risks
Strong communication skills
Openness to change
Additional Qualities:
Positive Attitude, Sense of Humor (take criticism well), Desire to help others
Strategies for Men
Do you believe that the choices parents make about their children's toys influence the child's belief about the appropriate roles for boys and girls?
Childhood Movies
Building toys aren't just for boys
Toy stores are blatantly segregated:
The pink aisles: toys revolve around beauty and domesticity
The blue aisles: toys related to building, action and aggression.
What if toys were marketed according to racial and ethic stereotypes?

Children learn through play. It is how they develop skills and interests
Ancient Cosmologies
The inferiority of women depended on her lesser heat (fire)
Manliness or womanliness is based on qualities (hotness or coldness, wetness and dryness) instead of the male and female body.
Ideal Men are hot and dry, Ideal women are cold and wet
Issues Women Face
Society's expectation that men hold positions of high power
Men mistaken the female Doctor, who they were meeting with, for the secretary and couldn't process that who they were there to see was actually her and not a man.

Women Today have advantages, but it undermines their intelligence: not through intention, but through interpretation.
Affirmative action is interpreted in a negative light which undermines a women's intelligence.
Name your favorite movie from elementary school. Describe the main character of the movie. Was it male or female?

Do you think the movies targeted for today's children are more or less gender stereotypical than the movies you watched as a child? Why?
Do you think children who play with toys designed for the other sex are treated differently from children who play with gender-typical toys? Why?

"He for She"
Feminism has become a dirty word "Man hating"
To end gender inequality, we need everyone involved.
Feminist is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.
Why has it come to embody a woman that is too strong, too aggressive, isolating, anti-men, and unattractive
Gender inequality is a problem for men too
Seen as less important in parenting
Unable to seek help when suffering from mental illness
If men don't have to control, women won't have to be controlled
Emma Watson
You must wear make up to look pretty
The higher the heels, the better
Perfume- always smell good
Sex Icons
To be popular in school, can't be smart (seen in movies)

Things young girls look at to become. Majority of women roles are in fashion, acting, and music. Young girls will identify with these major influences and think that is what they should strive for.

"What part of female body we'll reveal this time?"
Most Childhood movies involve a princess needing to be saved. In more recent years, Disney especially, along with other companies, have worked on giving women characters more powerful roles.
Pamela Atkinson
Engineering education specialist and director of Berkeley's VIEW program in the College of Engineering conducted survey
Information is worth gold; acquire it and share it
Be professionally visible
Be aware of your market value
Negotiate for what you are worth and believe that it is a lot.
Set boundaries on work to protect your outside life
Trust your judgment
Don't take things personally, even if they are meant that way
Intense criticism is worth gold; it provides a lot of info
These are beneficial to both women AND men!
Recognize this is an issue and a very big reality.
Encourage all peers to be confident in their ways of thinking. Ask good questions.
Relating to IGE...
Strong case of othering
Still occurring today
"The Second Sex"- men do not consciously realize they are othering women due to society
Social norms that are set in place makes it easy to conform to othering
Birdcage- traps women from progression
BUT (timeline) Heterosexual article shows society changes...
Amy Cuddy- TED talk on body language
Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
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