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90 day plan

No description

Deepak Joshi

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of 90 day plan

Cross functional teams! Where we are Immediate objective From start up to a medium sized company
Expanding horizontally and geographically
Informal processes not effective anymore
Not everyone knows what is being released and when
Requirements coming from all directions
Sales force doubling = More requests for changes
What features and products should we work on and in what order?
How can we leverage mobile, voice and touch?
How to evolve the platform while meeting new customer requests or existing customer requests for enhancements?
Can we balance configuration with customization?
Can we integrate with acquired systems and processes? Process
Integration It boils down to Systems(Processes) Release technical products that are resonators in the life insurance industry and beyond that Match the vision and strategy [Productivity]
Are delivered on time [Timeliness]
Follow a repeatable process [Reliability]
Are of the right quality [Quality]

So we can sustain our success! Areas of focus Vision
Culture Identify Important focus areas Evaluate Improve Automate Conduct a process analysis
Group processes into buckets
Pick the critical core processes Is the core process delivering on strategy, consistently on time and at quality desired? Make a process map/How is the task performed?
Suggest improvements
Improve through collective learning Make the improvements repeatable Disruptive technologies and products on the horizon
Mobile (Touch, Voice, HTML5, PhoneGap, Antenna software)
Big data (Unlock customer insights from electronic and paper vaults)
Evolve the the platform
Communicate product news internally and externally
Integrate products for a unified customer experience 90 days timeline 30 60 90 Talk to groups and
individuals Meet 1:1 with people Paul and Bill
Executive team
Direct reports R&D
Prof. Services
Customer success Learning Phase Questions What are the biggest challenges you face now or in the future
Why are you facing these challenges
What are the biggest opportunities for growth
What do you have to do exploit these opportunities
What do our customers want that they are not getting from us
If you were me, what would you focus your attention on Carriers, BGAs and agents Top down and bottom up How far down does the vision and strategy penetrate?

How far up are the challenges and opportunities known? Understand Market
Culture Analyze key processes Create cross functional teams
Identify critical core processes
Evaluate if they meet the needs
Create process maps collectively
Suggest improvements Feedback and discussion Feedback findings
Invite discussion and validate assumptions and observations
End of 30 days - Review meeting Situation diagnosis
Identification of key priorities
Plan for next 30 days Day 1 to 30 Learn People
History Analyze Day 31 to 60 Day 61 to 90 Action Plan Platform
Decision making
Product releases
User / Buyer Personas
Big Data
User centric design
Disruptive forces
Product portfolio
Horizontal markets
Talk to Agents, BGAs and Carriers
Integration of global product mgmt. teams
Gaps in resources
Training and development needs Analyze 1 core process with a
cross functional team Roadmap
New process implementation
Rapid prototyping
Net Promoter Score / Metrics
Product and release communication Product management = Messenger of the market 1. Products based on a strategy that is driven by the market
Understand market problems and personas
Create effective requirements and go-to-market strategies 2. Product management activities range from strategic to tactical, some technical some less so
Delivering information to departments that need market facts to make decisions 3. Problems:
Every new customer or contract requires custom work
Latest or loudest customer's voice drives product plans 4. Voice of the market = Talk about customers and their problems
Listen to the market
Observe problems and then solve them = Market driven 5. Product management...
Identifies a market problem
Quantifies the opportunity
Articulates the problem to the organization
Acts as a thought leader in the marketplace Product management R&D Sales Exec. Team Marketing Market problems Market opportunity Market requirements Market Positioning Sales Tools 6. Create a product that sells itself
Know what to build and for whom
Understand your buyers and users
Create great content that they want to consume (Messaging) 7. Short term revenues vs. long term growth
Product management is about the future ( What products we should offer and what markets we should serve)
It brings process and business savvy to creating and delivering products 8.What does Product management do?
Interviews existing and potential customers
Articulate and quantify market problems through business case and market requirements
Define standard procedures for product delivery and launch
Support creation of collateral and sales tools
Train the sales team on the market and the product Business issues Sales and Marketing Development Product Management Technologist Strategist Marketer Business orientation
Development and implementation of a strategic plan Define market requiements
Package features into product releases
Program strategy
Operational readiness
Sales support
Interaction with marketing comm. and sales management Need to balance the strategic and tactical roles Product managers bring product and technology expertise
Market and domain knowledge
Business savvy
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