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chapter 5 Jesus Christ True God and True Man

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Sr Mary Jude

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of chapter 5 Jesus Christ True God and True Man

Took on human nature The significance of the Incarnation is the infinite God,who is
beyond the limitations of human comprehension,
emptied himself to become a man, offering his own life as
a sacrifice to reconcile hman beings to himself. Christ's ordinary Experience Examples Of Christ'sHuman Suffering Example of Christ's Divinity He gew up in a family
He Studied.
He learned a trade.
He worked as a carpenter.
he loved his friends.
He felt joy at a wedding
He was born into poverty
He had to flee to escape persecution.
He felt sadness at the death of a friend
He was tempted to sin.
He experienced hunger, fatique, and theirst,
He was homeless at times.
He was betrayed by a follower
He was falsely accused.
He was scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to the Cross, and died He worked miacles and forgave sins
He committed no sin
He rose from the dead.
He ascended into heaven.
He sent the Holy Spirit Writer Essential points about Christ Flavius
Josephus Pliny the Yonger Christians consider Christ God Emperor Trajan He believed what Pliny the Younger had reported about the Christains Tacitus Christus, the originator of the christians, suffered the extreme penalty under Pontius Pilate Gaius Suetonius
Tranquillas Emperor Claudius expelled the jews from rome because of the instigations of Christus.Nero punished the sect of the Christians. Some Scholars attempt to divorce the "Jesus of history" from the "Christ of faith"
reducing the former to a mere man and the latter to a religious fantasy. In reality, the "jeus of history" and the 'Christ of faith" are one and the same; his salvific message is validated by his Resurrection. Christ as God Son of God
Older than the ages
Invisible Incomprehensible Christ as Man Conceived by the Blessed virgin Mary Possesses flesh Poor Hypostatic Union It is the union of two natures, human and divine, in the one Person of Jesus Christ; hypostatic comes from the Greek word hypostasis, or person Jesus worked wonders, taught, converted Jews and Gentiles, was the Messiah, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, rose from the dead on the third day as the prophets foretold, and had a brother named James who was arrested What is Nature compared to Person Nature refers to WHAT makes something to be what it is and act accordingly: it answers the question,
"What is this?"
Person refers to what makes someone who has intelligence and free will to be an individual- different from all others of the same nature-and responsible for actions; it answers the question "Who is this?" Scripture Attests to Christ's

Christ is the Son of God Jn 1:1
The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph found Christ in the Temple, who said, "Did you not know that I must be in my Father's house

Christ was sent by the Father Jn:5:37
At the transfiguration, the Father's voice was heard saying, "This is my beloved son with whom I am wll pleased

Christ taught the fullness of God's Law
Jn. 8:28
Upon his own authority, on a matter which is proper only to God, Christ taught the fullness and perfection of the commandments in light of his Law of Love

Christ forgave sins Mtt: 9:2-7
Christ forgave the sins of the paralytic, something only God has the authority to do

Christ said he will come to judge the world Mtt: 16:27
Christ claimed he would judge the world, which is reserved for God alone

Christ accepted adoration
Christ permitted the prostration of adoration, which should only be rendered from the leaper healed.

Christ is identified himself as God
Christ said, "When you have lifted up the son of Man, then you will know that I am he"; I AM is the name God revealed to Moses.

• Only God is capable of Redeeming man from sin, and he did this through his Son
• Christ freely embraced the Father's plan of redemption
• Christ offered the cup of redemption at the Last Supper and he accepted it in the Garden of Gethsemane.
• Through the redemption Chris gives the grace to follow him.
The Significance of the Resurrection
• it confirms the truth of what Christ said and did
• fulfills the prophecies of the OT
• Christ reinstates God's grace,
• Makes people brothers and sisters of Christ
• and is the source of future resurrection

The importance of the Redemption
The Church is the Sacrament of Salvation because she is the sign and means of communion with God to bring salvation to the world

The name applied to the coming Messiah by Isaiah 7:14 : it means" God with us." Immanuel
Hebrew for "anointed” Messiah
Christ: Greek for “Anointed”

Old testament prophetic term for the Messiah: Son of man

Divine Filiation: The acceptance of a person by God as his child in Baptism. This consoling mystery brings each Christian a spirit of sincerity and trust while filling him or her with love and wonder

Paschal Mystery: "Christ's work of redemption accomplished principal by his passion, death, Resurrection, and glorious Ascension, whereby 'dying he destroyed our death, rising he restored our Life The passion of Christ - the sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb and the eating of its flesh to redeem mankind began at the _________ in the Upper room and ended on Calvary The___________ is the unbloody re-presentation of Christ's Paschal Sacrifice The mass and the Eucharist were foreshadowed in the Paschal meal in the Old Testament in Egypt, the __________ were given a ceremony, a rite, a liturgy for them to perform: that of the paschal Lamb. To spare the life of their firstborn, all Hebrew families had to sacrifice the __________. Christ's priesthood was according to the order of _______ who offered a sacrifice of bread and wine and not according to the
Levitical priesthood, which offered a variety of animals as sacrifice
Christians are fed by the flesh of Christ in ___________ and saved by the Blood he poured out on the Cross From the ________, Jesus cried out the messianic Psalm 22 "Eli, eli, lama Sabatini The dramatic conversion of __________, once one of the most feared persecutors of Christians, indicates how encounters with the risen Christ were not limited to those who had known him in the flesh and already believed in him. The ___________, God becoming man and dwelling among me, is the climax of human history.
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