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How racism affects our society today.

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Yunegyu Joo

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of How racism affects our society today.

those in power are delivering the racist comments are in power and the powerless receiving the comments.
some people haven't experienced racism , but see it as a problem and want too help stop it
How has racism shaped society to adopt certain beliefs and morals?
Coca Cola Commercial
A superbowl commercial that featured the song "America the Beautiful" sung in different languages by young people from unqiue backgrounds and cultures. People tweeted against it saying that Americans only speak English and that the singers weren't truly American because of their different ethnicities.
What is the issue? Who is affected?
Why are they affected?
threatening and discriminatory comments on social media sites
Affects every individual of all races
racism destroys people's freedom and violates American ideals
people are being judged just because of their race
By Yunegyu Joo, Jessica Johnson
How racism affects our society today.
Cheerios Superbowl Commercial
a Superbowl commercial that featured a mixed race family. In response , racial slurs and mean comments were posted on the comment section of the video. They eventually disabled the right to comment to prevent such comments.
What do opponents of the issue say?
Don't see it as a huge issue because they don't understand the harm that racism causes.
for racist morals and prejudice because they feel in power and unaffected
some have the idea of "white privilege"
They say racism ties certain group together
Connection to Kill a Mockingbird:
How does the book parallel your research?
Directly connects to the statement “Hate is born out of ignorance and fear.”
Hate crime; arises from false beliefs that certain races are inferior
One of ignorance because ethnicity does not have any role in determining the person’s worth.

Who should care? Who is affected? Who is unaffected but morally interested? Who is in power? Who is powerless?
-Not only minorities, but all ethnicities should care
It has caused society to believe prejudice stereotypes
What should be done about this problem?

-Every single race is affected
The system of the government places white people in power
Usually are the target of racism
social media sites to acknowledge the problem and to introduce steps to reduce and restrict racial comments
pass laws on racist abuse online
More exposure in online that promotes a multi-cultural society
Try to get rid of the stereotypes
Greater awareness of the problem
teach against racism , so people do not learn this behavior
Older people should be model
Credible Sources
Breaks American ideal
shaped beliefs that certain people are "inferior" and "superior"

Racist abuse of Black Footballers (soccer) Online
Cyber Racism
racial hatred through the internet
through videos, websites,images, social media, comments, and blogs.
In fact, reports of racial discrimination online has increase by 43% since last year
For Example:
In a psychological study, participants were asked too imagine a drug user. 95% of them imagined an African American. When in reality they only make up 5% of drug users.
This illuminates how people accept different stereotypes due too people's background.
racism is a learned behavior. We are not born with it. We learn it from those around us and how they behave.
part two:
It also connects too "Even though our constitution states "all men are created equal" in reality there are still significant groups of people that are treated as less equal than others
What do opponents of the issue say?
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they feel comments on the internet are not real racism
91% of the players agreed social media had brought on more racial abuse
fan-on-player discrimination:
Former player, West Bromwich Albion, said: “I’m on Twitter myself and some of the abuse that I get is horrific really. You can’t believe that people feel that way but actually will take the step to go and sit in front of a computer and type it and send it.”
To help reduce the hateful comments, some delete there twitters or the policing tracks down the senders and go too jail.

Racism throughout history has lead international
communities to partake in racist societal morals which become especially apparent through modern day society in destructive, judgmental commentary on social media platforms.

A parallel too the book would be the trial of Tom Robinson when the spectators came in too watch the white people got first chance at seating and the black people had too sit on the second level, the balcony. Even when Scout, Jem and Reverend Sykes came they had too give up their front row seats because the whites were more "superior".
the line between hate speech and free speech
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