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Technology Investigation

No description

Jenny Tran

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Technology Investigation

Technology Investigation
The evolution of nail polish
Jenny Tran 8-1
The purpose of this artifact
Normally, girls wear nail polish as a symbol of personality. Example: Pink is girly, Red is bold & sexy, Black is more gothic, Blue is calm or if you love the ocean, etc. Nail polish can also represent favorite colors. Though a lot of people see it as a pretty addition to your look and it can also accessorize an outfit that you just so happen to be wearing.
one of the nail designs I've done
When was this product invented, who was the original inventor, and how was it used?
Nail polish was originated in China, dating back to 3000 BC. Around 600 BC during the Zhou Dynasty, the royal house preferred for the colors gold and silver. It was used by ruling class to distinguish themselves from the general population. Popular colors were of metallic nature and they symbolized power and wealth, such as silver and gold. One difference between China and other ancient civilizations that used nail polish was that this cosmetic product was not allowed to be used by general population.
How is nail polish used today?
Several reports survived of public execution of common people who were caught with colored nails still survived today.
We now use nail polish as a fashion statement. Some people love following trends, seeing what crazy nail art is out there and treating themselves to occasional manicures and pedicures. Some people also use nail polish to protect their nail plate.
What are some of the innovations that this product has undergone since its original invention?
Nail polish is applied in an easier way now. It's basically just a brush and a bottle. Nail polish used to be made out of a combination of gum arabic, egg whites, gelatin, and beeswax. They've invented a new type of nail polish called, gel polish. This polish last up to two weeks without chipping or damaging your nails. In the past, nail polish was used as a symbol of royalty, but anyone can use it now.
fun fact!
In ancient Egypt, the symbol of a woman's status was the color of her nails, with red as the highest rank. The colors told a man whether or not you were married.
How has this product impacted society in a positive way?
Women can enhance the look of their hands with nail polish as a fashion accessory or expression of creative fashion. It is relatively inexpensive and unlike clothing the size of the person never matters. Women see their hands all the time. Unless they look in the mirror they do not see the rest of their look. So the nail polish is something that gives a constant reminder of beauty and self care. The result to society is a happier self confident woman. In addition, if the woman goes to a nail salon for the manicure or false nails she has a place to "treat herself" and relax and results in additional benefits to the people she interacts with in her life.
How has this product impacted society in a negative way?
Science: Nail polish contains different natural and scientific substances such as stannic oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and carmine. Also, the nail polish container is made out of glass.
Technology: The name tag on the nail polish's bottle is printed out by a computer, which is technology. The bottle and designs are also made by a machine.
Engineering: Engineers made and designed the bottle and logo of the nail polish.
Math: The amount of nail polish in a bottle, the volume and measurements of the nail polish bottle, and the length and width of the brush.

Painted nails may look glamorous, but ingredients in nail polish could have negative health effects. Some ingredients used in nail polish have been linked to cancer, heart problems, reproductive abnormalities, thyroid disorders and allergies, according to Sonya Lunder, M.P.H., a toxins researcher and senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research and watchdog organization in Washington, D.C. Nail polish isn't an environmentally friendly product. These chemicals helped with drying and applying process.
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