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Philippine Art in the Modern Era

No description

Cherrie Ann Montecillo

on 3 July 2011

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Transcript of Philippine Art in the Modern Era

Philippine Art in the Modern Era Modern art in the Philippines has evolved into a wide variety of expressions and medium turning the country into a situation of creative upheavals. Modern Filipino Artists They have more freedom to explore on his own.
They show their love for country and evolving culture.
Their style is from cross-cultural exposures in the Eastern and Western world yet they have not forgotten their Filipino roots.
Many of them use color for their emotional rather than intellectual values. Jose T. Joya, National Artist, visual arts, 2003 He’s foremost Filipino Abstract painter. Hills of Nikko Vicente Manansala, National Artist, visual arts, 1981 He invested each human figure with inner fortitude, making each one a stoic figure of human dignity. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread He is the most outstanding modern Filipino sculptor today.
His best abstract sculpture is the “Allegorical Harpoon”. Napoleon Abueva, National Artist in Sculpture, 1976 Carlos “Botong” Francisco, National Artist in painting, 1973 He contributed towards developing a Filipino imagery drawing inspirations from the customs and traditions of the people. Bayanihan He shows his highly original approach to figurative painting. Mauro Malang Santos Hernando R. Ocampo, National Artist, visual arts, 1991 He aimed to de-emphasize a life-like representation with the natural world. Pentecostal Series – c1971 Prudencio L. Lamarrosa He is different from the artists of his generation because of his intellectual detachment amid all the ill-effects of technology on the world environment. Amburayan Princess Shanghai
by Roberto Rodriguez Chabet This artwork by Chabet is the only work in this portfolio that does not have a drop of paint on the surface. Intramuros
by Ibarra de la Rosa The Intramuros creates a symphony of colors. The subject gives him the basic pattern that allows him to see the effect of different color combinations. Reporters:
Cherrie Ann Enriquez Montecillo
Karen Africano Fonte
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