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Point of View Intro for Middle School

No description

Kristyn Clark

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Point of View Intro for Middle School

What we SEE
affects what we FEEL, DO,
and GET from a story
How does point of view
what we see?
What points of view
can authors choose?
Point of View
the way we see a story
What do you see?
Point of view:
the way a story is told
First person:
a character tells the story using "I, me, my"
Third person limited: the
author tells what only one character is thinking
Third person: the author tells the story using characters' names and pronouns like "he, she, and they."
Third person omniscient: the author tells what all characters are thinking
Now what do you see?
How do video games
use point of view?

“I remember when I was about 13 I encountered a human on the streets of Sanghelios. It was a chance encounter that ended as quickly as it had begun.”
---from Halo
Jake woke with a start. For a moment, the nightmare
lingered, followed by a flood of information from his brain: his location, his mission, and last and least important, his identity.---from Halo II
At that moment, both Ryou and Bakura realized how nice Bakura was being. Why was he suddenly giving Ryou advice, when usually he would only give sarcastic remarks and tell him to go away? What had changed him?---from Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction
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