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Extra! Extra! Google all about it.

An Examination of the Decline in Print Media and Its Effects

Dan Hman

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Extra! Extra! Google all about it.

Extra! Extra! Google all about it. Newspapers Pros:
Condensed Information
Profitability for Newspaper companies
Cons: Not instaneous information
Wastes paper
Costs people money
Limited amount of information
What if for 400 years you did something a certain way... ... Then suddenly everything changed What Would Happen? Will this affect my life? How will this affect others lives? The Seattle Post Intelligencer & The Rocky Mountain News both recently went bankrupt after over 100 years of existence Many people lost their jobs And they will not be the last So why is this happening? Our society has become dependent on instaneous information For example:
All those currently browsing the
internet please raise your hands?
We are the generation of... But what are the effects of this on newspaper companies? Online news is usually free and extremely accessible Just ask yourselves... How do you prefer to access your news? According to our research study,
76% of our peers prefer the internet to newspapers. 98% of members of our generation use
the internet to access news. ...and we are leaving the newspaper industry in the past. We are a society that loves... Last year circulation was down in 96% of our nations largest newspapers. The USA Today and New York Times each saw circulation drop by over 7% in the last year. The Good news? The world is adapting to changes in technology... ...and media companies will too. So what will the future hold? So we know what media has looked like in the past 400 years
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