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Ron's Pro Restore

At the o

nathan jones

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of Ron's Pro Restore

Ron's Pro Restore My mentor's (Ron Baumgartner) main responsibilities are to manage all of the production of all the airplanes and other aerospace devices since he is founder and manager of the company. He is also "hands on" with all the projects to make sure that everything is produced perfectly and can fly with ease. My mentor wants for this company to evenually expand into a chain of stores and eventually turn into a multi mullion corporation. 3 personal qualities needed to succeed in this field is a creative mind. This way you can imagine your work and visualize it in your mind. You also need to have a good work ethic in order to be able to work hard and vigorously to make sure everything is perfect. And lastly you must also have a background in aerospace, it helps you in many different ways so you will know what your doing and have pre knowledge on the career. The entry level salary of this career can range around $20,000 a month. The technology used at this job is very basic. We have machinery that gives us the ability to ensure that all the parts to the airplanes and other aerospace devices are exact and precise. The company has multiple computers to sketch out everything so the machines can do the rest. The main software programs in this career is a software called ANSYS. This is a simulation program that lets you program the prototype models and fly them to see if there are any flaws in the aircraft. It makes the job easier because with out this program then you would have to test the new aircraft on the runways and risk having the aircraft crash and be terminated. This company is about as advanced as possible in technology so they dont lack anything. I learned about a new technology called laser aero sensing. This was just purchased recently but allows you to scan the entire aircraft with a laser and it can tell you the exact measurments of everything and let you know if anything is off balance. The education required for this career is a degree in aerospace engineering and aviation. It also helps to be a pilot and have many flying ours because it looks good on the resime. The best thing about this job that I was assigned was to take off and re-paint the calling of the main fraim of the air plane. I also helped yo assemble the two wings of the Great Lakes air plane which is shown in a photograph below. The worst part of this job was most likely the time you need to wake up and arrive at the site. Also, the reason why the company has such good team dynamics is because everyone meshes with each other because they all share the same passion. In addition, everyone is really close with each other and have a good personal friendship. All of this works together for maximum customer staifaction. The main customers of this company are major coporations like Lockheed Martin and Boeing that are interested in the products. And, the company is huge on emphasizing teamwork. Every project is a whole group effort when everyone pitches in to help make sure the aircraft is finished. My mentor's main daily tasks in just like many other employees at the job. He helps with all the production and manufacturing of all the projects. Also, since he is owner and manager he in in charge of all imported and exported projects. He is responsible for making sure the company is running smoothly and flawlessly. Created by Nathan Jones 3 important Mckeel employabilty skills that would one prepare for this job is you must always be on time to your job. The way this company works is that you rely on one another to get the job done. Also, you must always be in the approprite dressing for the job and lastly and most importanlty you must be respectful to everyone. This potential career is surely for me because I am utterly fascinated with aerospace devices and aviation. Its a true passion and its the family business. This job and company has been round for around 30 years and the future for this job is definitley bright. There is a high demand for this type of career and it pay extremely well.I can see myslef doing this job in the future by eventually taking over the family business an become owner and keep the company on the role of success. The type of student that would benifit from shadowing this person in the future would definitley be a student that has an interest in aesorpace, aviation, and engineering.
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