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Ashna Var

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night Time

By Tina, Shehani and Ashna
Mother ‘dying’
External forces: Christopher's father lied about Judy (Christopher's mother) dying of a heart attack in an attempt to protect Christopher from the heartache. He explains to Christopher that '[She] had to go into hospital" (pg 44) and that she has "a problem with her heart" (pg 45).
Internal forces: Christopher wasn’t upset about the discovery of his mother’s death, he was more shocked. When hearing of the news he is curious to know “What kind of heart attack?” (pg 52) .
While his mother was in hospital Christopher asks if he can visit her because he likes going to hospitals.
However, we can still see he cares about his mother because he suggests”[they] will need to take food to her” (pg 45)while she is in the hospital.

Wellington dying
Internal forces: Christopher was upset when hearing of Wellington’s death “It made me sad to see that the dog was dead” (pg 18) and when others questioned him about the dog he could only think about the dog's death.
External forces: When Mrs. Shears sees him “hugging the dog” (pg 12)she gets suspicious of him and thinks he killed/harmed her dog, but Christopher doesn’t understand this, as all he can think about is the dog's death. When the policeman questions Christopher on why he “was holding the dog” (pg 18)he doesn’t worry or fret about being caught by the police, because he likes policemen and doesn’t understand that the police think Christopher to be a likely suspect.

Meeting Mrs. Alexander
Internal forces: Christopher found out that Mr. Shears was in a relationship with his mother, and again he has no feelings towards this discovery.

External forces: Christopher finds out that Mr. Shears and his mother were ‘very good friends’ ( pg 105), in other words they were having an affair. Mrs. Alexander explains to Christopher that Ed was probably angry with Mr. Shears because of this. Mrs. Alexander assumes that Christopher would be really upset about hearing the news which is highlighted when she explains to Christopher “[she] didn’t mean to say anything that was going to upset [him]” (pg 106) However, to Mrs. Alexander's surprise he tells her that he is simply worried because “[he] is scared of being in the park with [her] because [she’s] a stranger”(pg 106) and walks away despite her reassurance that she was a friend.

Finding the Letters
His father killed Wellington
Journey to London
Emotions: happy revealed, excited, hopeful
"And I got the results of my maths A level and i got an A grade which is the best result" (pg 212)
When Christopher finds out that his father was the one who killed Wellington, Christopher begins to feel frightened and unsafe in his father's presence.

"I couldn't trust him, even though he had said "Trust me," because he has told a lie about a big thing." (pg 124) After his father admits that he was Wellington's murderer, Christopher's trust in his father disappeared. Christopher felt unsafe and frightened since he thought that his father could murder him next. Christopher is shown frightened as he tries to leave the house that night after his father fell asleep. He "gripped the penknife really hard" (pg 124) and "[his] legs were shaking." (pg 125) Whenever Christoper senses any threat, he would grip onto his penknife which he would carry in his pocket. This shows how Christopher perceives his father as a threat.
"Then I noticed that there were lots of other envelopes and they were all addressed to me. And this was interesting and confusing." (Pg 98)
When Christopher finds the letters from his mother in his father's room, he becomes confused and puzzled since his mother is 'dead.' Upon finding the letters, Christopher's curiosity also sparked.

After reading the letters, Christopher finds out the truth. "Mother had not had a heart attack. Mother had not died. Mother had been alive all the time. And Father had lied about this." (pg 115) After finding out about the truth about his Mother, Christopher couldn't take in and process all the information in his brain so he felt "sick and giddy." (pg 115)

This shows that Christopher takes what people say very seriously, especially the truth. If someone lied to Christopher, it would mean a big deal to him.

internal forces
betrayed, UN trust-worthy, panicked and shocked
"which meant that the letter was posted on 16th October 1997, which was 18 months after mother died"
"mother had not had a heart attack, mother had not died... mother had been alive all the time....and father had lied about this".
As Christopher decides to go to London to live with his Mother instead, he faces a number of difficulties and obstacles.

At the train station, Christopher felt like he was "standing on a cliff in a really strong wind because it made [him] feel giddy and sick." (pg 144) He is not used to being around a large number of people so it made him feel uneasy. He thought that riding on the train was really frightening.

Whenever Christopher is in a completely unknown and different place, he feels insecure and frightened. To feel safer, Christopher usually grips onto his Swiss Army knife which he keeps in his pocket tightly.
internal forces
incongruous, afraid, defenseless, judged and panicked
"There were lots of people on the train...i don't like lots of people... A train is like a room and you can't get out of it when it's moving."(pg 158)

Christopher is also very cautious of his whereabouts and who he talks to. He does not feel safe around strangers and unknown places.

This is shown at the train station when he is approached by a lady. "She was a stranger, so I said, "Stand further away."" (pg 182) This is also shown when Christopher arrives at his Mother's place. "I followed Mr. Shears up the stairs and there was a landing and a door which said Flat C and I was scared of going inside because I didn't know what was inside."
This shows how frightened and insecure Christopher feels in an unknown environment.
A-level Maths test
On his journey to London, Christopher felt:
The train station was an unknown place to Christopher. Since he is autistic, he thinks and sees the world differently from everyone else. Since he acts differently, people perceive Christopher as different, therefore, thinking of him as weird.
Back to Swindon

When Christophers mother went to put Christopher to school, he met Siobhan. Because mother also had her word of not going to swindon, christopher was in fear that he was about to forget all his mathematical thinking skills. but when mother agreed that if it is Christopher's happiness she then decided to go to Swindon so he could finish his A-level maths test. 'where are we going?...we're going home...Do you mean home in Swindon?Yes...."pg .252
Confronting his dad
Earlier in London Christopher and his father did not go well as it did when they both lived in the same house. Christopher's father puts out his hand out to signify the trust and love but Christopher backs away. The hand helps Christopher know the importance of how the trust between his father and him signifies they still love one another. but as he went to Swindon things started to straighten up. "lets call it a project...that we have to do together....to spend more time with me....how you can trust me. pg 265
External Forces: Father feels relieved and happy that Christopher accepts the project as at the end he forgives him on what his father has done with the first step by giving a dog.
mother: is happy and fortunate enough that everyone is happy now.
internal thoughts:
forgiving, satisfied, challenging and content.
External feelings:
mother Depressed but relieved at the same time because it was best for Christopher because he wanted do the A-level maths test.
Internal feelings:
Christopher felt a little confused towards the fact that mother had borrowed Mr.Shears car and said that he is going home back to Swindon. but he is satisfied that he gets to do his test that he has been waiting to do
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