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My life's story so far

No description

Kiri Pene

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of My life's story so far

My life's story so far(:
Me, my self, and I
Some interesting facts about me is I'm half Maori and half european. I was home schooled till I was 13, so I started at kura this year (2013) for the first time.I love going to youth group! And I'm 14 years old(:
My Parents
Nga Kakano o Te Kaihanga
My Parents Rawiri and Kohe are a huge part of my life! They have have given me the tools, strength, support, and love to help me become the better person I am today.
Kiriataahua Te Maapi Pene
Kia ora my name is Kiriataahua and welcome to my interesting world(:
My Big fat family!
I come from a massive family of ten siblings! Seven girls and three boys. On my Dad's side I'm Nga Puhi nui tonu and Ngati haua and on my Mums side I'm the Great Te Whanau a Apanui!
Born and raised
I was born in Rotorua and raised in a little village in Auckland called Whenuapai.When I was 10 years old my family moved to a bigger village in Auckland called Henderson and we've lived there ever since.
Nga Kakano is my awesome Kura that I started going to at the beginning of this year. There I have experienced and learnt so much!
This is my cool youth group I go to every week! Here is we're I can relax, hang with friends, have fun and just be my self!!!! :D
My Interest's
My interest's in life includes family, friends, english, kapa haka, music, dance, poetry, youth group, food and facebook.
Plans for the future!
My plans and hopes for the future is to complete n.c.e.a level 3, go to c3 leadership college, become a youth leader, travel the world, and help people in every way that I can.
To be continued....
Thanks for watching(:
Thanks for watching(:
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