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What steps can you take when you're lost in the city?

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Whtsupdude 96

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of What steps can you take when you're lost in the city?

What steps can you take when you're lost in the city?
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Lost In The City
Using A Map
Using a map can help you find your location,around streets. A map can take you to the place that you want to go.You can find a map on your smartphone. It can tell you what street are you on and exactly where you are.
Asking A Police Officers
Asking a police officers can help you when you are lost because a police officers might know where you want to go,if you tell him or her. Police officers can help you call somebody that you know,like when your phone runs out of batteries.They can tell you your location and help you find your way back home.Over one million people in the world asked police officers how to go to the place where they wanted to go,last year.
Calling Someone
Calling someone that you know can help you because you can tell them what street are you on and they can come find you to pick you up.You can call 911 and tell them that you're lost and you can tell the police officer,the streets,stores,or restaurants that you're near at and the police officer will come and bring you home, also they could bring you to the police department. People often call 911, there are about 220 calls a day in Philadelphia from people who are lost.
By:Queenie Wu
Using a map,asking a police officer, and calling
someone can help you avoid being lost.Doing these three things can help you a lot.Calling someone you know might be the best.
There are lots of ways to not get lost. Calling someone might be the best because they can pick you up.You can also ask a police officer and use a map too. When you get lost don't panic
www.matadornetwork.com."10 ways to avoid getting lost in a new city".MATADOR NETWORK © 2006-2013
www.airstreamtravel.com."How To Not Get Lost In The City".© Airstream Travel 2014
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