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Why we should not have a dress code.

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Jean Sienkowski

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Why we should not have a dress code.

Why we should not have a dress code.
The first reason school should not have dress codes is because the restrictions may be uncomfortable.
Kid should not have a dress code. They should wear what they want and be happy. That way kids can be unique . That way no one can be the same. So kids can walk into school without a teacher saying fix your clothes or call home to get some more. There are many reasons why kids should not have a dress code.

some schools want the students to buy there uniforms but sometimes they may be expensive.
we also understand that if we did not have rules that students would wear inappropriate clothing.
if we do not have a dress code that's OK were not saying that we let the kids have full control over the the things they wear they will still have rules.
By: Hannah Toosevich, Aran Jacobs,Luke Moustis
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