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The Cost of Aviation Biofuel

Research Presentation Draaaaaaaaft......

Chunhui Gao

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cost of Aviation Biofuel

The Future of Biofuel for
Australian Commercial Aviation Li Cao 747573x
Chunhui Gao 6632319
Zhen Luo 6506631 Aims: Research Question: Introduction Literature Review Crude Oil Price Research Methodology Secondary Data Online Articles Public Databases Data Collection Result Conclusions Any Questions? Thank you! Significance Fossil Fuel non-renewable
Price Fluctuation Alternative Energy Algae Camelina Cooking Oil Jatropha Company and Org. interested in Biofuel... Biofuel in Australia
Growing demand

Greenhouse gas emission

Carbon Tax What are the operational & social benefits of aviation biofuel for Australian commercial airlines? Current Problems Future Challenges High Cost

Fluctuating Price

Resource Scarcity

Emission Technology



Viability Quantitative Research Compare the operational cost of JET A-1 and Biofuel for Australian domestic operations Research Design Jet Fuel Price Algae Cooking Oil Jatropha Carbon Price Bio Fuel Price Camelina Data Analysis Quantitatively compare C JET A-1 and C bio for Australian domestic operations,
current and future. Assumptions Ethics Clearance Limitations Oil price will steadily increase
Carbon tax will remain effective indefinitely
The Biofuel and Jet fuel are blended in a ratio of 50:50
The change of oil (biofuel and fossil fuel) price in Australia will keep pace with the international market
Calculation is based on existing fleet
GST is excluded
Same fuel efficiency for both biofuel & Jet A-1 Insufficient secondary data
Efficiency gain due to technological development is not considered
Too many assumptions due to the complexity of the problem
Currency conversion: Impossible to forecast Current Future Jet Fuel Biofuel AUD$2.52/L AUD$1.85/L Algae Jatropha Camelina Cooking Oil AUD$1.33/L AUD$1.55/L AUD$1.72/L AUD$4.72/L AUD$5.61/L Cost Comparison per liter Factors influencing Biofuel price Technology
Exchange Rate
Gov. Support Biofuel Benefits Cost
Corporate image
Extra job opportunity Aviation Biofuel Conventional Jet Fuel Demonstrates the operational and social benefits of aviation Biofuel
Suggests a viable solution to the potential energy crisis in the future Price Emission Sustainability Source: Shell Australia Oct. 2012 Biofuel will have advantages over Jet fuel given the assumptions of this project being satisfied in long-terms. 2012 2035 A-1
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