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Attendance Policy

No description

Jacob Dehne

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Attendance Policy

The Bismarck Public School's Attendance Policy Is A Joke
+ It's telling high school kids not to be active and
worry more about school. 3 Points Of Opposition:
1. Academics always comes before athletics.
2. When students are in school, they learn more.
3. Educators think 2 excused absenses and 10 school
related absenses are enough.
8 Points For Argument:
1. It's telling kids not to be in extra-curricular events.
2. Without kids in athletics, more people would become obese.
3. If a family member dies, you can't be with your family if you don't want to take finals.
4. If a family member gets married, you can't go share the joy with them if you don't want to take finals.
5. If you're a mathlete, but don't want to miss school so you don't join the club, it takes the oppurtunity to
learn away from the kids.
6. If kids today aren't in sports, you won't be able to watch sports in 15 years because there will be no
7. Kids would skip more school if they couldn't be in athletics.
8. Kids can have a 4.0 GPA but will have to take finals.
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