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Characteristics of Good and Bad information

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Jack Merrett

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Characteristics of Good and Bad information

Characteristics of Good and Bad information
Inaccurate information
Inaccurate information isn't useful within a business as many items are published for customers to view. Information always needs to be true and honest as
Bad Information
Not consistent
Non consistent information is bad as it may be that daily updates are needed to keep the information connection between different sectors, if this is not consistent then the information starts to break down.
Out of date
Out of date information isnt useful as it produces the wrong data in possible publicised documents and design figures; possible prices and data records from businesses.
Untrustworthy information is bad information as it is unreliable and cant be relied on within the business. this can effect all sectors as the information if passed around can fault all the working within a business.
Incomplete information is bad as it doesn't allow full amounts of information to be passed throughout the business providing them to lose sufficient data amounts and struggle to keep on track.
Relevant information is good information as it can be used within the business as it is connected in some way either by a topic or by the details included. this can also mean the information is personal to the business making it relevant to them alone.
Information needs to be up-to-date so it will be able to be used within the business for publication purposes. the information may need to be up-to-date to provide a daily up date of information to the business manager.
The information must be reliable and for it to be sourced to show where the information was gathered. The information will need to be reliable also to show that estimations and assumptions have been applied.
information needs to be accurate in order to be used with the business. Due to the information being accurate it there for allows all data created from it to be used and presented
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