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The cheetah

No description

angel nesbary

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The cheetah

Food chain
The cheetah eats a gazel, the gazel eats grass, the grass grows.
life cycle
First the cubs are born,then the mother goes to get food,the cub eats happily,the mother teaches
Some adaptations are running,the tail,and stopping.
food web
the cub everything she knows she
carries the cub in front of her body
it starts to mature then a adult is
The cheetah
They are the fastest animals on earth.They eat animals a little bigger then they are.They live in packs.The mother raises the pups.
class and order
Kingdom;animalia/phylum;chordata/class;mammalia/order;carnivora/family;felidae/genus;acinonyx/species;acinonyx jubatus.
Cheetah facts
Cheetahs are carnivors and only eat meat.They mostly eat gazels and zebras
Predators and Prey
by angel nesbary and megan dillard.
Hi, Today we are doing a project on the cheetah lets get started
The predators of the cheetah are other big cats.
They are,lions,hyenas,and leopards.
They do not miss an opportunity to steal prey or kill cubs.
Cheetahs eat ga
cheetah uses its running to catch prey,their
tail,they have a long slim tail to keep them balanced and help run faster.
Stopping,their paws have a pointed pad to help them stop almost immediately after running.
The End
and zebras
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