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Somtochi Alozie, Jaydica Salgado, and Angel Seguinot

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lib hist

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of Somtochi Alozie, Jaydica Salgado, and Angel Seguinot

Somtochi Alozie , Jaydica Salgado, and Angel R. Seguinot.
Audi L. Murphy
Audi Murphy has shown great valor through his three years of fighting.Murphy had earned every award to do with the actions of valor during his period of serving (1942-1945). When he was younger his father abandend him, and his mother died when he was a teenager, he also left school in the 5th grade so he can work to support his family. Murphy then lied about his age to inlis. The action of Merphy that did earn the Meda of Honor shows great valor. Murphy single-hendedly holded off an entire company of german soldiers for an hour at the Colmar Pocket in France, on January 1945, then leading a succesful counter attack while wounded and out wof ammunition.
Was born in Kingston, Texas
Was an actor and a song writer
He was a mejor (Texas national guard)
His job was to be a combat soldier in WWII
Earned Medal of Honor in 1945
President John F. Kennedy awarded the medal to Murphy
He lied about age to enlist
He served from 1942-1945
Earned every combat award there was at his time
He was 19 when he earned the Medal of Honor
Copy the link to view our script!
Medal Of Honor Project

Garlin M. Conner
With his battalion at risk of being overrun, Conner volunteered to run straight into the heart of enemy assult.
Maneuvered 400 yards through enemy artillery fire.
Conner directed multiple fire missions on the force of 600 german infantry troops.
Ordered his artillery to concentrate on his own position, even though chances of his survival were slim.
The artillery Conner directed stopped the enemy advance.
Garlin M. Conner is the second most decorated soldier in U.S History.
Daniel Daly
#Was born in November 11, 1873
#He grew up in Glen Cove NY
#Battles and Wars: Boxers reveliuon, Battle of Balleu Woods, Battle of Saint...
#He was in the military for 30 years
#He entered the military hoping to participate in the spanishamerican war he enlisted in the Marine corps on January 10, 1899
#His rank was Sergant Major
#The president who awarded him was
Thomas Woodrow Wilson
#He worked in the Marines
#He was a boxer
#He died in April 27, 1937
#He was burried in Cypress Hills National Cementary

Daniel Daly is the only soldier of the three to be awarded two Medals of Honor.
All soldiers have earned the Medal of Honor.
Daniel Daly served in World War I.
Both Audie Murphy and Garlin Conner served in World War II.
Each soldier has previously earned a different medal, besides the Medal of Honor.
Audie Murphy and Garlin Conner were ranked as 1st Lieutenants, while Daniel was a Sergeant.
I chose Garlin M. Conner as my soldier because of how non-chalant and dissmisve he was when people praised him for his incredible work. I couldn't quite figure how he could be so humble, about what he had done on the battlefield. When asked about World War II and what he had done, he simply replied by saying," I'd done what I had to do and come home, that's all there is to it. "He put his life on the line to stop the enemy from advancing, and he went as far to directing his artillery to strike his position even if it meant he would not survive. I mean that's something I could never do, and I don't quite think a lot of people would too.
I believe that the word "Valor" truly represents him. After all, valor means courage in the face of danger. Garlin M. Conner, volunteered to go out in the heart of the battlefield while others did not, Conner is a paragon of valor and that's all there is to it.

When Duty Calls: A War Movie.
Daniel Daly was awarded the Meda of Honor twice becouse he extinguished a fire in an ammunition dump at
Lucy-Le-Bocage, nickname "Lucy Birdcage". He also was outgunned and outnumberred, but he and his two houndred men battled against the German forces in Balleu Wood, while they started to fight Daniel Dally unasisted captured a machinegun-emplacement with only hand grenades and a colt (outomatic pistol) wich all of this lead to a succesful victory.

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