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Fiction Writing

No description

Daphne :)

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Fiction Writing

Novel Any kind of writing that is not factual
Play, short story, or novel. BODY OF A NOVEL PLOT
FLOW A SEQUENCE OF NARRATIVE EVENTS STORY STRUCTURE EXPOSITION 2nd most influential scene main attention-grabber Opening scene Inital conflict unexpected triggers the character to head for a goal RISING ACTION complications balanced with positive scenes suspenseful and dramatic CLIMAX greatest danger the main character cannot win FALLING ACTION Consequence of the climax The changes shouldn't fall out of the sky RESOLUTION changed and enlightened strong impact INSTRUMENTS OF REACHING OUT TO THE READER -know what you want your reader to feel towards your character Create a character that you will know as much as you know yourself. -Interesting = memorable -Bob, teenager
-Black hair
-Blue eyes
-Loves listening to music

...Uh, duh? -Bob, teenager
-Blue/green hair
-Silvery eyes
-Hums songs through nose

...Hmm. Weird. Add unique and interesting traits to your main characters to make them more intriguing for the reader. SHOW. DON'T TELL. Show. Don't tell. = Pictures. Not information. Characters appearance, setting, weather, etc. Make your description an active part of the story. Meaning, combining action. Bob had slender fingers and he was wearing a leather jacket. He picked up a cold can of Ginger Ale and gulped it down. "Bob had slender fingers and he was wearing a leather jacket.
He picked up a cold can of Ginger Ale and he gulped it down." Description + Action "Bob's slender fingers wrapped around the cold can of Ginger Ale as he lifted it to his mouth. He thoroughly gulped the drink and a few drops trickled down his leather jacket." LACK OR TOO MUCH? BALANCE Everything you describe has to have an effect on the plot. MAKE IT RELEVANT. “Hi,” Bob said. “How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you,” Ann replied. “How about you?”

“I’m good as well, thanks.” WHAT MAKES YOUR STORY MOVE SMOOTHLY. All up to:
-your choice of words
-length of sentences
-way of narrating scenes GO WITH THE FLOW. QUICK TIPS! -Reading is the key. -Avoid cliches. -Correct grammar and punctuation. -Never abandon what you started. -Write for yourself. Be satisfied with your work. An online writing community.
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