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Africa (Ghana and Mali)

No description

Briana Walker

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Africa (Ghana and Mali)

Ghana Leaders
Mali Leaders
King Kaya Magha
350 A.D
Founder of the Cissa Tounkara dynasty which later dominated the Ghana Empire from the 8th century
King Reidja
Ruler of the Akwar area small settlements
Achievements in Ghana
How was money made in Ghana?
Ghana grew very rich ,due in large part to the trans-Sahara trade. The Ghana required traders to give him a percentage of products they were trading. The king collected tolls on all goods entering or leaving the land.
Ghana: 792-1235 A.D.

Mali:1235-1610 A.D.

Africa (Ghana and Mali)
located in the Sahel (grassland region on the southern border of the Sahara desert)
west Africa
How was money made in Mali?
exported almost half of the Old World's gold
became rich by taxing all of the gold and salt that entered its borders.
gold, salt , and ivory trades
on the edge of the Sahara
Mansa Muse
ruled Mali at a time of great prosperity
doubled land area
after he died the Berbers took Mali's territory
Achievements in Mali
Negatives in Ghana
Negatives in Mali
They became target of attacks by the Sosso ruler, Sumanguru
Their classes change sometimes,and potential of nobles trying to steal the throne.
They lacked skilled scientist and therfore depended highly on foreign countries to supply them with weapons
created different shapes and sizes of Mosques
woodcarving, jewelry making,story telling, and music

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