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Children, Small Pills and Filling a Void

No description

Zahabiya Aziz

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Children, Small Pills and Filling a Void

Children, Small Pills and Filling a Void How medication counseling services
benefits pediatric patients Background Proposal: Processes and Operations Financial Analysis Clinical and Regulatory Issues Renata Sutter • Fiona Chu • Zahabiya Aziz Propriety and Confidentiality © 2012 Team RZF According to the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group:
Over 50 million children in the US
Most of them will be prescribed at least one medication during their childhood
80% of prescription medications carry no recommendation for minors
According to American Academy of Pediatrics:
average office visit length has been steadily increasing and was reported 16.4 minutes in 2006 Market Analysis Competitor Analysis:
Physicians and nurses
Community Pharmacies
30 pharmacies within a 5 mile radius of River North Medical Illinois Pharmacy Practice Act
Current License
Continuing Education
Collaborative Patient Management
Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group
Disease Specific Treatment Guidelines by American Academy of Pediatrics
ADHD, Immunizations, Asthma
for point of care testing
quality and reliability of lab testing Meld with current workflow of office:
nurse (vitals, and other pertinent tests)
physician (diagnose & prescribe)
pharmacist (counsel patients on medications and address any questions patient may have)
Who does the Pharmacist counsel?
1) New medications
2) Chronic Medication Therapy Return on Investment The return on investment was calculated by dividing the cumulative cost savings by the cumulative costs acquired in 5 years:
$272,100/$1,076,100 x 100% = 25.3%. Conclusion Our proposed service will:
Positively affect patient outcomes
Reduce medication errors
Efficacy in medicine
Optimize human resources expense
Increase patient volume We propose adding a pediatric pharmacist to River North Medical location of DuPage Medical Group
There are 10 pediatricians at this Naperville location
Nutritional consultants are offered as well
DuPage Medical Group serves 350,000 patients and had a $375 million in projected revenue last year
pharmacists paid at 60% of pediatrician salary
pharmacist will serve as an educator
pharmacist will meet with patients immediately after PCP appointment Benefits decrease in amount of time pediatrician spends on non-diagnosis-related duties
decrease in appointment wait time
decrease in adverse drug events
increase in appropriateness of care
increase in patient satisfaction
increase in competitiveness of River North Medical Naperville is a high income area with a higher educated population compared to neighboring areas with a per capita income of $45,488
DuPage Medical Group treats 1/3 of the 130,000 people in the area
9.5% of the pediatric population has asthma and 34.9% has obesity Provide quality care and improve DuPage Medical Group Practice
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