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Raymond Van Der Veer

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Reformation

Edict of Worms Politics Religion Lutheranism State necessary to maintain peace & spread gospel German rulers who supported Luther took control of churches 1524 Peasants' War German peasants revolted and asked Luther for support Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor 1519-1556 Keep empire Catholic Germanic princes united by support for Luther Francis I Pope Clement VII Suleyman
the Magnificent formally accepted divisions in Germany Catholicism Lutheranism Switzerland Ulrich Zwingli John Calvin 1536 predestination Reforms English Henry VIII Catherine Edward VI Mary Anne Boleyn Reformation Anabaptists Catholic Reformation Institutes of the
Christian Religion God has already determined who is saved and who is damned adult baptism all believers equal complete separation
of church and state Jesuits Reform of the papacy Council of Trent obedience
to pope 1545 - 1563 Ignatius of Loyola

1540 clergy can marrry
creation of Protestant service return England to Catholicism 1553 - 1558 300 Protestants Clement VII Act of Supremacy of 1534 King is the head of the
Church of England church court - sentencing by government Servetus selling of indulgences forbidden sacraments, purgatory, & use of indulgences affirmed traditional teachings reform commission blames pope's corrupt policies Paul III radicals sola fide
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