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Global warming

No description

Kylie Yuen

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Global warming

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Global Warming
Our world is getting hotter and hotter unnaturally. It is called global warming. Scientists have known about global warming since 1824. What Causes Global Warming? Global warming has many causes but a big cause of global warming is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gases destroy our earth by contributing to global warming. Global warming gives our earth severe weather. Sometimes it makes the earth colder than usual or sometimes hotter than usual. Sometimes when it snows a lot or its very cold, you may think that global warming has been reduced but its not! Global warming as I told you before causes severe weather and causes a higher chance of hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. It may even cause the change of ocean levels and swallow up low lying grounds like China, Miami, so on.
Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse gases are made from burning coal, pollution and fossil fuels. Three greenhouse are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. One of the main causes of greenhouse gases is the production of concrete. I think that the production of concrete has chemicals in it that lead to carbon dioxide or others. Greenhouse gases rise to an outer layer of the earth called the N.g.f. (Natural greenhouse effect). The N.g.f is made of carbon dioxide and water vapours that keep the earth warm. Without the N.g.f. the earth would be 20 degrees cooler than usual. But if we keep adding to the N.g.f. by polluting the air with greenhouse gases, then it becomes global warming. And global warming is not good for us because it makes the earth too warm.It will also cause many problems for many ecosystems.

Scientists have found that because of global warming diseases such as malaria are spread by mosquitoes. Also animals like butterflies migrate even farther than usual because they have to go nearer to the equator to hibernate. Permafrost, permanently frozen ground melts all over the artic circle because of global warming. Global warming also causes severe weather. Global warming also decreases the amount of snow in the winter because it gets too warm which makes the cold air get warmer which will not make snow. Also it makes the summer too hot so everyone will use A.C. which will pollute the air.

Pros and cons of global warming
There are no pros of global warming because global warming is BAD! Cons are that it threatens the existence of animals like polar bears or african animals. Their homes are being melted(polar bear) or its getting too hot to live(both) and its to dry with no water(african animals).
Some people think global warming is fake... is it true? Yes! Its true! Global warming is being caused by us humans because we are not taking care of it.Global warming has been around for quite a while but no one has done anything much to stop it. In this presentation you will learn about our earth and our evil archenemy:

A tiny quiz
In this quiz, I will ask you questions to test if you were actually listening. Here are the rules:
Global Warming
By: Kylie Yuen

Effects Of global Warming
This is a picture of a factory producing
Carbon Dioxide
which is an evil gas because it is a greenhouse gas.

Animals are dying
The earth is sick... we have to save it so participate in...
Earth Day!
No shouting out
Raise you hand and I will choose one person
Don't discourage other people
Lets start!
Since 1824
When did scientists first know about global warming?
What are the three greenhouse gases I mentioned?
Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide and Methane
Did you know if cows fart they contribute to global warming?
They have known about it since 1824 but didn't care much about it till the 21st century.
a) 1814
b) 1924
c) 1787
d) 1824
What causes greenhouse gases?
a)Sushi cat, cotton candy and roller coasters
b)Burning coal, pollution and fossil fuels
c) nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and methane

B) Burning Coal, Fossil Fuels and Pollution
You might think Pollution is not a cause of Greenhouse Gases but it will eventually lead to Greenhouse Gases.
Thanks for watching!
Just because there is only 1 earth day in a year but
you should still celebrate EARTH DAY!
Did you know that U.S.A. produces 10% of the earths garbage?
Talk about a lot of waste! Also they use 20% of electricity out of 196 countries! If you have know people in the U.S.A. Tell them to get greener!
Now for the results of my experiment:
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