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NCSFA Presentation

JOMC 490

Anthony Lobianco

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of NCSFA Presentation

NCSFA North Carolina State Firemen's Association North Carolina has
I,320 fire departments across the state
47,000 active firefighters Weaknesses that social media can improve: Limited communication with individual members
Issues with using fire department chiefs/secretaries as the “middle man” to members
Members’ unawareness of events, benefits and opportunities for involvement largest not-for-profit provider of benefits and services to its members
with over 5I,000 members. NCSFA's core values and basic goals: I. Advocacy on behalf of members and the community 2. Creation of a stable funding base 3. Providing security to members and their families Social Media Presence Before Our Campaign: Members before: I,042 Our Social Media Campaign Our campaign theme:
GET ENGAGED!! Our Audience: Over 51,000 NCSFA members and supporters of NC Firemen Campaign Strategies: Fan page previously had 4,489 fans
Group had I,042 members Fire Photo of the Week Winning picture was hosted on Flickr
Winner was announced on Facebook and fans were directed to Flickr album
After the success of the first week’s Photo of the Week contest, we chose to have a specific theme for the next week Wednesday, August 11 – Saturday, August 14, 2010
142 guests attending • 160 maybes Getting Started: Problems: Rethinking Our Approach: Political Machine: Other Fire Associations:
FEMA’s US Fire Administration
US First Response Association
Integration Between Other Social Media Sites Campaign Analysis: Facebook fan page views Views rose by 213% NCSFA North Carolina State Firemen's Association The future of Consistent interaction via Facebook fan page Continue Smoke Break Questions and Fire Photo Contests Larger scale contests/incentives Event promotion on Facebook Tailor Social Media Campaign To Your Audience Use social media to create new political ambitions The future of firefighting with location-based technology? "Smoke Break" Questions WUZZUP Fans before: 4,489 4,489 Facebook fans VS. 51,000 NCSFA members No interaction with fans No social media besides Facebook !! Daily number of Facebook photo views
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