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Fashion Capitals FACS 3360

No description

Rebekah Lindsey

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Capitals FACS 3360

Fashion Capitals
New York
Major New York Fashion Designers
Calvin Klein
Donna Karan
Vera Wang
Oscar de la Renta
Where Did New York’s Fashion Couture Begin?
Ralph Lauren
Tommy Hilfiger

More about Milan's Fashion
Italian fashions have a reputation for casual elegance and luxury.
Many Italian couturiers, such as Valentino, are based in Rome. However, Milan is seen as the fashion capitol of Italy because many well-known designers are based there and it is the venue for the Italian designer collections, which take place at an exhibition center called the Diera di Milano or the Milan Fair.
Among the best known and the most exclusive names in Italian fashion design are
Gianfrance Ferre, known for his boldly cut brightly colored clothes
Giorgio Armani, known for his subtle mannish styles for both men and women.

Famous Major Designers
Valentino's attire are for ladies who lunch, socialize and who are feminine
Where Did London's Fashion Couture Begin?
Fashion was once seen as an indicator of class status, which was controlled by the aristocracy.
The wealthy women of the era would have dressmakers come to their home to make their clothes. This manner continued until 1857 when Charles Frederick Worth created the first fashion house in Paris.
He would design beautifully well-cut clothes and employed women to model them in his salon. The wealthy women would select one of the already designed dresses and Charles Frederick Worth would create the dress for the client.
Major Fashion Designers of London
Vivienne Westwood
Zandra Rhodes
Famous designers such as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior, all from France, broke worldwide into fashions most successful people of all time. They are known as the world’s most artistic designers which almost nobody could compare to.
coco channel
Yves Saint Laurent
Christian Dior
Major Fashion Designers
Where did it begin?
The American fashion design is dominated by a clean-cut casual style reflecting the sporty, health conscious life styles of many Americans.
The fashion industry in New York is based around Seventh Avenue
1940's and 1950's designer setting sport-influenced trend= Clair McCardell
Known for unorthodox clothes with young market and appeal

John Galliano
Katherine Hamnett
Paris is the home of famous couture houses such as Dior and Chanel. The houses stage exclusive fashion shows in their own salons. Many other famous French designers show their work at the designer collections, which are held twice a year and command international attention.
One of the best-known French designers and a pioneer of ready to wear is Yves Saint Laurent. He has consistently turned out stylish, quality garments over the many years.
Parisian style is sophisticated, skillfully cut, and accessories are understated and smart.

Dolce & Gabbana
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