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Business Communication Project

Night club/ sports bar/ game lounge

Zach Rigo

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Communication Project

& THE SOLUTION TO A SAFER NIGHTCLUB ENVIRONMENT Word of mouth 18+ Clubs Competition UMD ENROLLMENT 9225 Current Students 7580 Undergrads
They are 21+ only Only Club in New Bedford Social Media Street Teams Events Word of Mouth Drinks
Dance Floor
DJ & Music
College student night on Thursday Offers in Bar 908 Marketing Strategies The Industry Our services Entertainment (18+)
Quality Staff
Club layout North Dartmouth Major Clubs in Providence 02747 2010 Census The Roxy Age 15-19: 2863 Colosseum Distance Age 20-24: 3700 How to go back? Safety issues 15834 over 21 largest percentage of population in North Dartmouth Reasons We can stand out We are 18+ Club Dartmouth Entertainment Owners: Alex Hower, Austin Pereira, Garrett Breton, Mengwei Zheng, Zach Rigo Gaming Lounge Night Club We are near by UMD Sports Bar We are Night Clubs Sport Bar Gaming Lounge Relationship with UMD Dart van for UMD students
Hire students to work for us 18+ one night only 18+ on first floor Lame Time Po Po
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