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What Is Dark Matter?

No description

evie craig

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of What Is Dark Matter?

Dark Energy is an unproved form of energy which is assumed to act against gravity. It is said to be spread across the universe,it is the main theory to why the universe is expanding.
What Is Dark Matter?
Dark Matter is a material that is assumed to exist in space. It does not absorb, emit or reflect light . There is supposedly two types of Dark Matter:
Weak interacting particles (Cold Dark Matter)
High-energy randomly moving particles (Hot Dark Matter)
It is said that it makes up 80% of the universe. Most scientists think that
What is Dark Energy?
Who discovered Dark Matter and evidence for it?
Fritz Zwicky discovered dark matter in 1933 by realising that all the star in the Coma Cluster only make up about 1% of the mass needed to stop the galaxies inside the cluster from spreading out across the universe. The thing was what made up the rest? Dark Matter.
Who discovered Dark Energy and evidence for it?
Einstein discovered dark energy. Einstien had a theory called "Cosmological Constant" which states that empty space could still havebits own energy.
Dark Energy and Dark Matter
What are some current experiments?
Some recent studies show that the Big Bang occurred about 13.7 billion years ago. The universe has been expanding since the moment of the Big Bang and it is going to collapse. it is called the Big Crunch.
The End
What do they tell us about the future of the universe?
The universe is slowly dying it ionly producing half as much energy as it used to. This drop in energy could cause a mini ice age on Earth
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