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Twitter and the SRS

No description

Fintan O'Mahony

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Twitter and the SRS

Twitter and the SRS
#HTAI 2014
Clear social media use with school and parents
Technical troubles
BYOD - Bring your own device vs the Computer Room
Ground Rules
Every tweet is word perfect
Every tweet is an SRS
Significant Relevant Statement (SRS)
(i) A major fact, aspect or phase of the topic;
(ii) An explanation of a term or concept relevant to the topic;
(iii) A valid interpretation, comment, opinion, judgment relevant to
the topic;
(iv) 2/3 tentative statements of fact, etc;
(v) An important cause / effect;
(vi) A pertinent relevant map / illustration (a map or illustration
may merit more than one SRS);
(vii) Valid introductory material.
While they are tweeting...
Stick to the ground rules
When things go wrong
The technology lets you down
Collecting tweets
Contact me
twitter: @levdavidovic
Letter to parents
Wifi in your room
Working together or alone
Every tweet is signed
Always use the hashtag we chose
email: natnif2@yahoo.ie
Delete it if it's not right
Teaching process and chronology
The kids let you down
Other people's fears
This prezi: http://is.gd/busmjm
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