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Copy of As Integrated Services Incorporated, we believe that through

No description

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of As Integrated Services Incorporated, we believe that through

Second Harvest Warehouse Muncie, Indiana
52,000 sq. foot
Five truck docks
3 shift operations
Web- based inventory tracking system
300 active part numbers
Manage mass production & service parts
Shipments made direct to plants per production schedule
Commerce Drive
Kokomo, Indiana
Web based inventory tracking system
Manage over 60,000 sq. feet of Chrysler product
Ship & receive 10-15 casting loads daily
Manage complete inventory of engine block liners for Casting plant
Manage production dates of casting engine blocks
Brehm- supplier to the Chrysler plants
Federal Mogul- manage inventory tracking program
Having our own private fleet ensures that we can maintain control and offer unsurpassed performance to our customers.
70 late modeled company owned power units
Semi Tractors
Box Trucks
Cargo Vans
Qualcomm satelite two-way communication
Dedicated closed loop milk-runs ensuring the completion of production schedules
Procedure bonus
Smartway certified
Located in McAllen,Texas
Texas Free Trade Zone
30 owner operators
5,000 sq ft warehouse
Relationship with border crossing carriers
24/7 dispatch operations

North Street
Web based inventory tracking system
10-13 daily loads to carplants
10-13 loads of returnable racks
Complete inspection process
Integrated Services Incorporated
We believe that through our extensive experience, we are the best choice to meet your material handling needs. We are committed to reliable service with on-time deliveries and professional handling of your warehouse requirements.
Currently investing over $50,000 each month in repairs and preventative maintenance
Vaile Warehouse
Kokomo, Indiana
Ship and receive 3-6 loads daily from ITP plants
Ship and receive 10-12 loads daily from KTP plant
Manage Delphi/ Kokomo production material
Industrial Wash
Environmentally friendly best describes our wash operation. We adhere to strict procedures of recycling and filtering fluids so that no discharge of any kind occurs.
Liberty Street Wash
Muncie, Indiana
Self contained pressure washing booth
Two conveyor driven tunnel-washers
Accommodate washing,rinsing, drying as large as 20 inches sq.
Process up to 3,000 totes, up to 500 pallets per shift
Ability to wash and apply rust preventative
Ability to de-rust various metals
Approximately 3,500 monthly shipments
15-20 inner plant moves each day
25-30 warehouse moves each day
Spotter Trucks located at all Kokomo locations
Responsible for all inner plant container movement
Over 250,000 sq. feet of heated warehouse and material handling space, we can provide our clients with all variations of repacks, sorts, and parts assembly programs.
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