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Movements of People Convicts and Slaves

No description

Lucinda McKinnon

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Movements of People Convicts and Slaves

Australia Convicts were prisoners who got transported to other countries because their prisons were too full. Convicts worked...... There were convicts
from many other places. Most slaves were transported from Western Africa to Europe.... Slaves: Then from Europe they were sometimes
shifted again to Western/Northern America... Sometimes from Europe they were transported all the way to Northern/Southern America... slaves were usually taken from western Africa because it was closer to travel... Ireland Scotland France Devils Island America England Convicts: Settlers: Spain Netherlands Botany Bay Captain Cook Settlers were people who
migrated to different places. South Africa :) France founded much of
Eastern North America! Portugal Colonised Brazil. Spanish colonized much
of the western side. The English colonized
North America
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