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Copy of Techno Future Curriculum

No description

techno future

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Techno Future Curriculum

Kids Techno Future NXT Junior Robotics Mindstorms Robotics Programing Level 1 Motors Sensors Light Touch Brick Level 2 Display Sensors Programming Level 3 Structured Programming Switch Loop LEGO Design Level 1 Robot Different Design Parts Level 2 Design Bots NXT Robotics Mindstorms Robotics Level 1 Computers Software Hardware Concepts Of Programming NXT Motors NXT Sensors NXT Brick Level 2 Robot History & Usage Concept of Structured Programming Switch Loop Nested Structures NXT Data Hubs Level 3 Advanced Programming Design Lego Mindstorms NXT Level 1 Robot Different Design Parts Level 3 Design Bots Zippy-Bot Bumper-Bot Claw-Bot Tag-Bot Mine Sweeper NXC Programming Level 1 C Programming Level 2 NXC Programming Level 3 (10-17 years) (7-10 years) Building Advanced Programs Games Ping-pong Tic-Tac-Toe Security Systems Parallex Robots (10-17 years) Boe-Bot Sumo-Bot Vex Robots (10-17 years) Robo Electronics (10-17 years) Electronics Mechanics Programming Rov Project Young Scientists Jr.Electronics (7-10 years) Mechanics Programming ROV Projects Chemistry Web Design & Web Development (10-17 years) HTML-XHTML Design & CSS JavaScript Dreamweaver Microsoft Office (14-17 Years) Consultant Specialist Venture Graphics & Multimedia (11-13 Years) Flash Photoshop illustrator Database (11-17 Years) Mission (11-13 Years) Planner (14-17 Years) Visual Basics VB.NET (12-17 Years) 2 LEVELS teaching future skills... today! PROJECT-BASED LEARNING 7 - 17 years old Highest Quality Technology Education! boost Student future career prospects Robotics science technology engineering mathematics S.T.EM Track Objectives LEGO Mindstorms LEGO Digital Designer NXT Software Computer Controlled LEGO Brick Get familiar with all robot parts, apply tasks of using them Functions & Controlling Functions & Programming Configuration Block Tasks Logical Thinking mechanical concepts of building Level 3 step-by-step instructions to build & test a robot accomplish assigned missions Functions Programming Configurations Basics advanced logical skills the role they play in the construction Level 2 Design patterns common tasks (turning, pushing & pulling) Concepts OUR COURSES 16 HOURS Graduation Project Students apply concepts they learned to accomplish a final project & present it with their team-mates to their parents Offering Methods During School Program After School Program In Center Workshops Camps Project-Based Learning Scientific Research Technical Writing Scientific Methodology Presentation Skills Interactive teaching skills Simplifying complicated concepts "Practice makes perfect" Continuous projects Teams'
Training skills technical soft presentation intellectual critical thinking analytical thinking communication science fairs & competitions & more! Research & Presentation Design & Programing Core Values Teams are asked to propose a research & an innovative idea to solve a problem related to the year's theme Teams are required to design & program a robot to accomplish assigned mission Teamwork Gracious Professionalism "What we learn is more important than what we win" Different Design Parts Future & teaching the skills of tomorrow... today! teaching future skills... today! Creativity Innovation science technology engineering research Techno Kids Inc. Franchise Teaching the Skills of Tomorrow... Today! Computer Educational Programs 4 - 17 years old Combining
fun with
learning To make
kids feel
like this! Techno Future 7 - 17 years old Highest Quality Technology Education! teaching future skills... today! business TECHNO Kids CAMPS! Courses one day of adventure! AND... TECHNO Theme Oriented Courses Culture Drama Explorations Science Media & Arts Business
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