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Rapunzel Untangled Book Review

No description

Brianna Boehlke

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Rapunzel Untangled Book Review

Rapunzel Untangled The Book Summary Continued Rapunzel Summary Life Fun Facts Motivation Author- Cindy C Bennett Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah
Married to her high school sweetheart
Has two daughters and two sons
Graduated high school, unknown if she went to college She rides a Harley
Loves to eat raw cookie dough
Hates hiking but loves nature
She is very afraid of spiders.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle was her favorite book as a kid
Has written eleven books so far

Article- http://tiffanylovesbooks.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/author-interview-cindy-c-bennett/
Rapunzel Untangled is the story of a modern-day Rapunzel. Rapunzel has never been able to leave her rooms. She must never cut her hair, and she is not permitted to have any contact with the outside world. This is because, since she was very young, she's been told that she is the key to saving the world. Gothel, her mother, has kept her secluded, telling Rapunzel that she has SCID, or severe combined immunodeficiency. Then, while searching facial structures online, Rapunzel discovers Facebook. Though she is only supposed to use her computer for school work, Rapunzel for the first time defies her mother.This is able to happen because Gothel hates computers, and doesn't typically monitor Rapunzel's actions, only visiting her at 6 am, and 6 pm. Rapunzel is 17 years-old, five feet tall, has bright green eyes, and her golden hair is fifteen feet long. Rapunzel is very innocent and has never been able to venture outside of her rooms. She is told from birth that she has Severe combined immunodeficiency, or SCID. This means that is Rapunzel has a very weak immune system and can die if she comes in to contact with germs. At the beginning of the story, Rapunzel does not question anything, and simply accepts her fate, but once she meets Fane, she begins to become curious about the world. This is when she begins to take risks and truly live her life. Gothel Been writing since she was little
Her high school English teacher, Mr. Bickmore, inspired within her a love of writing
Started writing Young Adult books after having two teenaged daughters and reading some of the books that they brought home "Fab" Fane Flannigan Fane is funny, charming and considerate. He has brown hair that brushes the collar of his shirt, golden eyes, and a small goatee. He is seventeen and is in high school. Fane is also adventurous and curious. He helps Rapunzel to sneak out of her room and explore the house, but he is mindful of Rapunzel's disease as well. He constantly checks in with her to make sure she's doing okay. Fane introduces Rapunzel to chocolate, Egg McMuffins and card games. He keeps Rapunzel company and helps to lessen her loneliness. Fane helps Rapunzel discover who she truly is and he is consistently upbeat and caring. A modern retelling of a traditional fairytale Rapunzel meets a guy named Fane Flannigan, on Facebook. Fane eventually visits Rapunzel and begins fueling Rapunzel's curiosity. Soon, Fane helps Rapunzel to pick the lock on her door. Fane and Rapunzel begin exploring the massive Gothel Mansion. They discover some weird rooms on their adventures. Doors and staircases that open to walls, small empty rooms, and a room covered in the number six. Gothel Mansion seems to be full of mysteries and secrets, but together, Rapunzel and Fane are able to discover the truth. The End Gothel is Rapunzel's mother. She is the opposite of Rapunzel in looks. Gothel's hair and eyes are both dark in color. It is unclear as to how old Gothel is, but she seems to be middle aged. Gothel is very secretive at times, and she can often come across as creepy. She is the person who has kept Rapunzel locked in her rooms all this time. Gothel is also very stern with Rapunzel, and does not like to be questioned at all. Gothel strictly follows her daily routine as well. She wakes up, visits Rapunzel and eats at the exact times everyday. Also, everything Gothel does seems to be in sixes: she wakes at six, eats at six, leaves for six days, and has Rapunzel keep six apples in a bowl at all times. Gothel tends to be a mysterious and strange character. By Brianna Boehlke
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