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Zik Santos

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Fuj

Consumer Products
• Fujifilm serves people's needs through our diverse range of innovative products and services.

• They are using progressive technology to improve the quality of life and nurture environmental sustainability around the globe.
Business Products
• Professionals in many fields, from medicine to printing, use Fujifilm products to win satisfied customers and strengthen competitiveness.

• They are spearheading the solutions that will drive tomorrow's industries.
Example of Advanced Photo System Camera
• is a Japanese multinational photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
Since Fujifilm's founding in 1934 as a photographic film manufacturer, they have expanded to become an innovative leader in a variety of business fields.

using knowledge of consumers to snap sales with new photographic equipment
Fuji Film
Advanced Photo System

Company Profile
• Beginning in 1934 as Japan's pioneering photographic film maker, Fujifilm has leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global presence known for innovation in healthcare, graphic arts, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas.
About the product


• Fujifilm's principal activities are the development, production, sale and servicing of color film, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment, color paper, photofinishing chemicals, medical imaging equipment, graphic arts equipment and materials, flat panel displays, optical devices, photocopiers and printers.
The Advanced Photo System incorporates new technologies that collectively deliver a photographic system that is robust, user friendly, feature rich, and delivers pictures of high quality.

Features provided by the Advanced Photo System include:

• Magnetic information exchange (IX): A virtually transparent magnetic layer coated across the filmstrip that can be used by cameras and other writing devices to record scene related information that, in turn, can be retrieved by photofinishing and post-processing equipment to provide higher quality pictures and other features.
• Drop-in film cartridge loading,
• Three different picture formats (Classic, HDTV, and Panoramic aspect ratios),
• Visual and machine readable indication of the exposure status of the film,
• Double exposure prevention,
• A filmstrip thrust mechanism that enables the filmstrip to be contained entirely within the film cartridge,
• Mid-roll change, which enables the film to be removed before being completely exposed, and subsequently reloaded at a later time in some cameras,
• Date and time, title, and other user information printed on the backs of photographs,
• Negatives returned in the original film cartridge, which provides storage of processed film, and
• A cartridge, smaller than a 35 mm film cassette, which enables smaller and more portable cameras.

The Advanced Photo System
Case Study in
Principles in Marketing

AMA University
The Questions:
1. Is the purchase of Fuji's Advanced Photo System a high involvement or low involvement decision?

2. What elements of the social environment might influence the purchase decision of the Advanced Photo System?

3. How could Fuji anticipate cognitive dissonance associated with its Advanced Photo System and what should it do to reduce it?
1. Is the purchase of Fuji's Advanced Photo System a high involvement or low involvement decision?
 It’s High involvement decision. Because the APS (Advanced Photo System) involves the behavior of the person, which it can be more used more easier, more enjoyable and more exciting by allowing photographer to switch in mid-roll from slide to print film. There’s a lot of things to consider just like what I’ve mentioned before is the satisfaction of the customers on the print out of their photos.

 The Fujifilm Group owns highly versatile fundamental technologies, including organic and inorganic materials, analysis, thin-film formation and processing, image and software, optics, and mechatronics, developed in areas such as photosensitized materials and xerography. In addition, we possess core technologies that contribute to distinctive performance and cost. Fujifilm Group now operates businesses across an extensive range of fields. Fujifilm applies product design technologies that combine these fundamental and core technologies to promote R&D activities in priority business fields while creating new businesses that will shape the future.

2. What elements of the social environment might influence the purchase decision of the Advanced Photo System?
First what are the elements of social environment?

Social or Societary environment of business means all factors which affects business socially. Every business works in a society, so societies ' different factors like family, educational institutions and religion affects businesses


These are the influences, why we purchase those APS (Advanced photo system) because everything in this world are important, but it depends on the person. For example;

1.) Touching hearts Bridging generations pictures.

let people transcend space and time to convey emotional experiences across generations. The latest digital technology from Fujifilm preserves precious memories with intimate realism for posterity.

a) Digital photo:
Digital photo fun for everyone Fujifilm's expanding online community and photo sharing services offer more ways to enjoy digital photography.
b) Digital Archives:
Cultural treasures reach a worldwide audience Fujifilm's high-definition digital archiving technology allows historical and cultural assets to be viewed on the Internet.
c) Pro Graphics:
Professional digital graphics solutions Advertising and other graphics professionals depend on Fujifilm's digital signage, printing and workflow technology.
2.) Connecting people to medical care

Fujifilm's leading-edge technology gives people peace of mind by delivering the healthcare services they need with unparalleled convenience and reliability. We envision a future in which everyone everywhere will have round-the-clock access to high quality medical attention.

a) Networking:
Tailored to physicians'needs Fujifilm's technology facilitates communication between medical caregivers to support community-based healthcare via dedicated medical network services.
b) Sports:
Winning plays with digital diagnostics Using Fujifilm's digital X-ray imaging technology, doctors can quickly diagnose athletic injuries — a great help in a pro football stadium.
c) Mobility:
Mobile medical attention Fujifilm brings medical imaging where it's needed — in hospital rooms and in disaster areas. Lightweight and compact digital X-ray systems also fit inside vehicles to efficiently deliver diagnostics on the go.
3.) Cross-fertilization of ideas creates valuable benefits

The diverse technologies involved in photo film are fertile ground for research and development. At Fujifilm we are combining many kinds of expertise to discover new benefits and solutions.

a) Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories:
Synergy of advanced technologies Scientists and engineers from Fujifilm group companies are shaping the future by sharing their knowledge and joining in collaborative projects with government and academic researchers.
b) Fundamental and core technologies:
Pioneering chemical compound research With Fujifilm's leading-edge expertise and vast library of chemical compounds, we are in a strong position to discover new medicines and make progress in fundamental areas of technology.
c) Highly functional materials:
Better products for better living Next-generation LCD panels and LED lighting are just a few of the many product areas where Fujifilm's highly functional materials are changing life for the better.
4.) Relationships are precious

At Fujifilm we create the tools and solutions that connect people and sustain a healthy, vibrant society. Linking people together is part of our wider corporate commitment to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide.

Fujifilm could anticipate cognitive dissonance associated with its Advanced Photo System by being updated with the marketing environment, especially with the technological and demographic environment.

The technological environment will help guide its APS to better, higher and more updated technology of Fuji's devices. since they make use of consumer's behavior analysis, they could survey the demographic environment so they know what the population would like, want, suggest and also those who can afford.

3. How could Fuji anticipate cognitive dissonance associated with its Advanced Photo System and what should it do to reduce it?
Thank You and God bless! :)
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