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French and Indian War

No description

Nicolas Mejia

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of French and Indian War

French and Indian War By Mr. Mejia -Tension mounted… and now.... The French and Indian War! Moving Past the 13 Colonies - We now have 4 regions in the colonies 1.New England 2. Middle 3.Southern 4. Back country: anything west of the Appalachian Mountains Flash-forward to late 1600s -The French, British and Native Americans began selling FUR.
(Bison, Bears, Beavers, anything they can take the fur off of) - Who knew the FUR trade would drag all 3 groups into a war over territory? -France had claimed much of the land in the western part of the North America
(they called it New France) The Ohio River Valley is Attractive
(owned by France) - This area attracted Pennsylvania fur traders and Virginia Land Companies (both colonist groups) - French began to get anxious because...............
The British entered New France, and now it's
the chance for France to lose control of key land and rivers. WAR begins and spreads -Fought from back country to CANADA -Soon to be President George Washington led 1st British attack on French Fort called Fort Duquesne (doo KAYN) --Native Americans side with British and French --Treaty of Paris in 1763 ended war and ended nearly all French control of any land in North America. --Combo of War and Treaty expanded Britain’s Colonial Empire The British are Meanie Heads -British did not treat Native American as nicely as French had done. -Native Americans fought back hard. (Ottawa Leader Pontiac) -Due to Native American attacks, British learned they would be unable to control all of that land so they issued the proclamation of 1763. -Proclamation FORBADE colonist from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. New Colonial Identity -Colonist angry -> “Didn't we just fight and win for the right to settle that land?” -- 1st taste of unity for all 13 colonist after this war and now…. -They were growing more unified over common dispute with the British.
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