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The Women of Crossing the Mangrove

No description

Cheyennee Larmore

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of The Women of Crossing the Mangrove

Madame Leocadie Timothee
Character Description:
-lonely -depressed -almost feared

Relationship with Sancher:
-Met Sancher on her way home
-Found Sancher dead

Revengeful Self pitying
Character Description:
- lonely -secluded -discontent

Relationship with Sancher:
-had an affair with him
-loved him

Lost at peace

Character Description:
-unhappy -resentful -longing for attention

Relationship with Sancher:
- Sancher inspired her to forgive and seek forgiveness

Resentful Sorry
Character Description:
-similar to Dinah -endured unhappiness

Relationship with Dinah:
-Dinah's mother -rough relationship

Effects on Dinah:
-Dinah stomached being married off because Lina did

Characters Being Discussed
-Dodose Pelagie
-Madame Leocadie Timothee
-Rosa (and Shireen)
The Women of Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde
By Chey Larmore, Laura Dowdy, and Sierra Lanning
Dodose Pelagie
Character Description:
- yearning -despondent -alone

Relationship with Sancher:
-her son was his close friend
-learned to be accepting of him

bitter sympathetic
Common Themes (minus Gracieuse)
Character Description:
-baby -sick -died at 3 months old

Relationship with Rosa:
-Rosa's first daughter

Effect on Rosa:
-Rosa becomes depressed
-Rosa resents her next daughter for living
-Rosa treats Vilma poorly

Character Description:
-book nerd -rebellious -isolated

Relationship with Sancher:
-lives with him
-tidies his house
-becomes pregnant by him

spiteful contented

Difference between Gracieuse and other women:
-no arranged marriage
-treated well by husband (Xantippe)
-not worried about money

Effect of different lifestyle on happiness:
-generally more happy
-has a more "perfect life"

-arranged marriage
-stolen youth
Character description:
-different -rebellious -beautiful -arrogant

Relatioship with Sancher:
-met him at her spring - loved him
-became pregnant by him -left his home

troubled enlightened
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