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Nicholas Sparks, His Influences, and His Writing Style

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Rachel Brasher

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Nicholas Sparks, His Influences, and His Writing Style

Nicholas Sparks was born in Omaha, Nebraska on New Year's Eve in 1966. Nicholas Sparks, His Influences, and His Writing Style
Rachele Brasher
12 May 2010 Nicholas Sparks has written
many books which have been
turned into movies. Some are:
The Notebook,
The Last Song,
Nights In Rodanthe,
Dear John,
A Walk to Remember, and
A Message In a Bottle.

Nicholas Sparks has written many novels. The following novels have not yet been turned into movies:
The Wedding,
The Rescue,
A Bend In The Road,
The Guardian,
The Lucky One,
The Choice,
True Believer, and
Three Weeks With My Brother.
One of Nicholas Sparks' Influences:
He quotes that anyone who is a good commercial writer influences him. He says he can learn from everybody. Another Influence of Nicholas Sparks is where he is from. He states that since he is from the country, most of his novels settings are in the country. He uses this setting because he adores how the way of life is in the country: laid-back and slowmoving, but it never moves backward. Nicholas Sparks' writing style
is very romantic, imaginative,
and engaging.
Nicholas Sparks writes at least two-thousand words per day. Nicholas Sparks has influenced many writers and novelists, plus many other people. Nicholas Sparks has written so many best-selling novels. Nicholas Sparks has a brother, Michael Earl; his sister, Danielle; his mother, Jill Emma Marie Thoene; and his father, Patrick Michael. Patrick Michael, Nicholas Sparks' father, was in college until Nicholas Sparks turned nine years old. Patrick Michael finally finished his thesis, and they became a united family again. Nicholas, along with the rest of his family all went about their lives without Patrick Michael for almost 9 years. Nicholas Sparks lived a life just as all the other kids in America did: peacefully. When Nicholas Sparks wants to start writing a novel, he says he takes an idea he has and jotts it down onto paper so he doesn't forget that topic. From that point he starts writing a novel based on the one idea. Nicholas Sparks says he likes to sometimes make the settings in his novels take place in the older days, such as the 1930s. One novel he wrote in this time period is The Notebook. Fun Fact: Nicholas Sparks has a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Nicholas Sparks' religion is Roman Catholicism. Nicholas and Cathy Sparks have five children: 1) Landon, 2) Lexie Danielle, 3) Miles Andrew, 4) Ryan Cote, and 5) Savannah Marin Sparks. Nicholas Sparks is married to Cathy Sparks; her maiden name was Cote. Nicholas Sparks and Cathy married in July 1989. Nicholas Sparks attended Bella Vista High School. Afterwards, he attended the University of Notre Dame. Here are all the places Nicholas Sparks has lived:
North Carolina,
Omaha, Nebraska,
Los Angeles,
Grand Island,
Fair Oaks, and
Sacramento. Nicholas Sparks is known for his numerous amount of popular novels he has written. While at the University of Notre Dame, he majored in Business Finance.
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