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TE 801 Project 1_ Part 2A_ Jiaying Chen

No description

Jiaying Chen

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of TE 801 Project 1_ Part 2A_ Jiaying Chen

TE 801 Project 1_ Part 2A
Jiaying Chen

Introduce my students
Name: R.O
Gender: female
Family background: parents and 3 older brothers
Home language: Arabic and English

Other notes for them
- We do minute-math test every Tuesday and Thursday. It's a one minute timed test for addition and subtraction. They both did a great job so far.

- Both of them can check themselves for math mistakes.

- They both likes sports.
- Afterschool: childcare right after school, and practice soccer
- Math at home: flash cards, lots of timed math practice at home
- Family trips: Alabama for 5 days, Mackinaw Island.
- Originally from Saudi Arabia
- Cannot read and write in Arabic but speaks Arabic at home (better at English than Arabic)
- Afterschool: play computer games, watch TV, homework, practice spelling test, go to bed around 9pm
- Family trips: Washington D.C, New York, Michigan Adventure, Cedar Point.
- Building Bridges between Diverse Families and the Classroom Involving Parents in School Mathematics by Dominic Peressini (TE 406 reading)

- Connecting Students' Cultures to Instruction by Ann Rosebery, Ellen Mcintyre and Norma Gonzalbz (TE 406 reading)
Name: G.S
Gender: male
Family background: parents and 1 younger brother
Home language: English
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