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No description

Roeland Oevering

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of CA-workshop

Double click anywhere & add an idea A modest life style, a willingness to listen, respect for others, restraining oneself Facts 16,5 miljon inhabitants, 466 per km 93 miljon chickens; 11,4 miljon pigs; 3,7 miljon cows Business Etiquette Egalitarian, consultation, compromise Organize! Structure! 16 million bicycles 1000 museums, highest density Third largest agricultural exporter after US and France although only 3% of population is employes Emphasize on being trustworthy, reliable: appointment is appointment "To put our noses in the same direction" Initiative, assertiveness Do's and Don'ts Humor Jokes about yourself Jokes on the establishment Provoking questions What do you really think about Dutch people? Which problems do you face and what is cultural about them? Smile, give a firm handshake
and look in the eyes Respect privacy, keep distance Biggest nuisances: sound pollution, street litter, dog shit, jumping the queue, public calling, annoying youth, antisocial driving Free time: gezelligheid, quality of life (69% values free time over work) Typical Dutch Sayings The heavies shoulders should bear the worst burden What stereotypes do you have about Dutch people and what stereotypes do you thing Dutch people have about Indians? 'We are not proud, we are just better' God created the world, the Dutch created The Netherlands' Dutch Values Harmony Equality Self-determination The low country Dutch Culture Workshop On the periphery
of Europe A converted country A trading hub at the mouth of the Rhine, Schelde and Maas rivers The republic of the Seven United Netherlands The golden age Business sense and colonial power The modern-day Dutch state was formed between 1795 and 1848. The foundations of the nation-state were laid in the French period (1795-1813) World War II 1940-1945 Welfare state, democratization and secularization They'll just say 'no' Saying 'sorry' and 'thank you' Weberian Values Work ethic
Order and neatness
Moderate John Calvin Christian Values Salvation
Truth From history to present Values By Roeland Oevering by the sea 1569-1795 17th century Onion model on culture Dimensions of cultural difference 1: Power distance I think differences in power within
an organization or society are: A. Acceptable
B. Unacceptable G.hofstede Dimensions of cultural difference: Individualism In my professional and private life I find:
A. my personal development and interest the most important
B. the interest and reputation of my group the most important Dimensions of cultural difference 3: Masculinity Man and women are: A. different and have different roles in society
B. equal and should have the same tasks and roles in society Dimensions of cultural difference 4: Uncertainty avoidance In uncertain or unknown cicumstances I rather: A. wait to see what is coming and what I should do
B. take initiative and try to do something G.hofstede G.hofstede G.hofstede Take a yellow note and write down what you found
most remarkable about dfskfkjsdk
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