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Managing Public Relations in the Digital World

No description

Nicole Loher

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of Managing Public Relations in the Digital World

So, who am I?
Managing Public Relations in the Digital World
+ / -
Power of imagery
Return can be as great
as the investment
SEO gold: perfect blend
of social media & content
Younger audience
Time consuming
Sponsored content
Doesn't suit every market
+ / -
Too personal
140 characters
Not for visual content
Easy networking
Advertising is
Fastest growing
The rise of the #
Mobile friendly
Plays to visual
Sponsorship is high
in demand
+ / -
Can't link to products
Limited integration capabilities
Ello is a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.
Ello is AD FREE
Google Analytics
Twitter Analytics
Tumblr Analytics
The dying social network
Ads, ads, ads
Limited reach
All content in one
place seamlessly
Small-town mindset
Fans "don't matter" anymore
High engagement
Drives company awareness
Easy, effective messaging
Not everyone is great with words!
White noise
Real time "FOMO"
Can't target like traditional PR
Text ultimately fails every time
Visual communication = success
Loyal readers
Show vs. tell your story
Easy to "fit in"
Creating a dream
Room for innovation
"New" factor
Can't buy on the spot
Millennials dominate the space
Not every brand has a place
Target market
"The Cool Crowd"
No direct correlation to sales
Tracking Progress
The Brand Squad
My Role
My Role
Public Relations
Constantly checking with editors to see what stories they're working on and how we can fit in
Online editors to reinvent
Credit checks
Ensuring Nanette is represented 100% the way she should be
Staying current with editors + publicists
Celebrity dressing
My Role
Photo Shoots
Model casting + booking
Style looks
Oversee the direction to ensure each frame speaks to the Nanette Lepore customer
Fashion Week
Create stories that resonate with the direction of the show and pair each with a publication
Next step: pitch the publication
Schedule exclusive pre-show interviews + features
Secure + schedule backstage interviews with leading publications
Secure and dress celebrities+ VIP
Day of
As soon as the show concludes, the real work starts
Media alert or press release
Always follow up with images + video
Idea Generation
Always be looking
Even at brands you don't emulate
Read the news
Record all ideas
Idea road map
Content Strategy
Eight Steps
Define your audience
Determine what they want
It’s not about doing it 100% right. It’s about getting it 70% of the way there so someone else will like it.
Identify the people who influence who you want to reach
Study the language
Find an ideal strategical mix
Create a calendar
Pick your networks
70-20-10 ratio
"The PR landscape has evolved to the point where the most effective practitioners are the ones who see themselves as facilitators of content, and know how to adjust their communication efforts on a situational basis."

Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency
Measure your results.

Be transparent and provide great content.

Choose communication methods carefully. Inundating a media contact with every form of communication rarely works.

Realize you're not unique.

But does it convert to sales?
Social media strategy + execution
Creating, planning, executing all content and social campaigns
Working with third parties + publications to crate unique content and campaigns that raise awareness about the Nanette Lepore brand
Making sure Nanette's voice is cohesive + consistent on all platforms
The Future of PR
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