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No description

Azam Yanna

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of SMART DOOR LOCK

-Smart Door Lock (SDL) is an easy and interactive application that can remotely
secure, control, and manage everything in your home within your fingertips.

- People aren’t perfect. They tend to forget things too. This application will help user with their carelessness
- The normal system using key to lock door cannot ensure that someone cannot bypass the
- Nothing will notify you if you forgot to lock the door.
-The current security system is not convincing.
The objective of this project are:

I. To develop an application that can lock your door virtually.
II. To notify the user every time the user forgot to lock the door.
III. To create interface that acts as second option to lock door if user lose their phone
i.Target User
Our target user is someone who wants to have high security system of their door. Our next target user is neighborhood's residents

ii. System
-Include PHP (develop web application)
- Adobe dreamweaver CS6 & Notepad++(web editor tools)
- Xampp (Development tools to develops web page)
-We choose ADDIE Model to do our project
-ADDIE model is actually a frameworks that lists the generic process traditionally uses by Instructional designers and training developers
-The Five phases is :
i. Analysis
ii. Design
iii. Development
iv. Implementation
v. Evaluation
I. Analysis
- The intructional Problem is clarified
- The instructional Goals and Objective are establised
- learning environment and learner's existing knowledge and skills are identified
II. Design
-deals with learning objectives, assessment instruments, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, lessons planning and media selection goals.
-This phase is action provide and install equipment development system namely software and hardware.
- This phase carried out as soon as just finished testing that error which occurred.
V. Evaluation
- The evaluation phase consists of two parts: formative and summative.
- As conclusion we find that this application will help the users to secure their home which they may not be able to do it.

- By using this application the users may improve their security level to next level
Presented By :
Mohamad Izzuddin bin Abu Bakar 01DIS13F2033
Mohd Azam BIn Ahmad 01DIS13F2036
Rusilawati Binti Muhtar 01DIS13F2019
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