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A Groundwater Atlas - engagement through storytelling

The story of groundwater in Southern Victoria using an atlas format.

Milos Pelikan

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of A Groundwater Atlas - engagement through storytelling

...a story of groundwater in Southern Victoria...
Creating the
atlas was a journey that is now over...the story goes on...
To understand the sub-surface one needs to be aware of the context.. this is the next step in the journey
Where am I?...
Explaining the basic concepts, demystifying terminology and correcting misconceptions about groundwater are foundations for common understanding and rational discussion on use and management of the resource
What's an Aquifer?...
Every journey starts with a 1st step...every story a beginning...
Every story aims to increase knowledge of the reader and the story teller... but first we have set the scene and introduce the players
A common language and understanding is the first step in our journey
Calling a spade a spade...
Understanding the management and uses of groundwater are important milestones in the storyline.
How is it used and looked after?...
At this point in the story we have the background knowledge and understanding to explore the multi-layered reality that is groundwater
We're ready to go!...
Click on the images to have a look..
Click on the images to have a look..
All images from the
Gippsland Groundwater Atlas

Gippsland Groundwater Atlas
Click on the images to have a look..
Click on the images to have a look..
There are many new groundwater journeys for SRW and it's stakeholders. This atlas will be part of those journeys and the story that will unfold...
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