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Hall of Fame by: The Script

No description

iljo lee

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Hall of Fame by: The Script

If you want to be successful and dedicate
yourself to your goals,
success will always be within reach. "Hall of Fame" There is allot of figurative language in this song. Some examples are: Hall of Fame by: The Script Figurative Language Symbols Theme Imagery Tone Diction Diction The tone that the singers convey is a very positive encouraging tone. They are encouraging the listeners to keep striving for success and keep striving towards their goals. The diction in this song is also very encouraging. By using words and phrases like: "Champion" "Greatest" "Best" "you can be the master" "you could go the distance" They emphasize the main theme of the song and give the listener encouragement. "You can be the king kong banging on your chest" "You could talk to God, go banging on his door" "You can be the clock" "Standing in the hall of fame" "Cause you burn with the brightest flame" All these quotes emphasize the idea that if you pursue success and work hard for it people will recognize and you will be famous. The hall of fame is a symbol which represents your success and the fulfillment of goals. " You can be the king kong banging on your chest" "You can break rocks" "On the walls of the hall of fame" "Be students
Be teachers
Be politicians
Be preachers

Be believers
Be leaders
Be astronauts
Be champions
Be true seekers" "You can move a mountain" All these phrases paint a picture in your mind which makes you think of seemingly impossible things and encourages the listeners to strive to accomplish their goals.
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