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Updated CSIOS Shared

No description

Dan Alman

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Updated CSIOS Shared

CS 3600

CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner
Scan Smarter
Electronic Charting
Dental Practice Management Software
Dental Imaging Software
Small, Medium, & Large
CBCT Systems
Panoramic and
Integration is a piece of...
Every Carestream product is designed to integrate your practice management software with our imaging equipment and software
...without fees
CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner
A Speedier, Smarter, Smoother Scanner
Intelligent Matching System
Anytime, Anywhere Matching
Do What Comes Naturally
Scan in a smooth, uninterrupted pattern
Quickly and easily acquire dual-arch scans
Focus on your patient, rather than the screen or buttons
When interrupted, easily pick up where you left off
No need for routine calibration
High-Speed Continuous Scanning
Prevent cross contamination by changing modes on the scanner
Autoclavable Tips
One Scanner-Three Workflows
Reduce Steps in Restoration
Features to Make Your Patients Smile
Shortest tip height among scanners with autoclavable tips
Different situations require different tips

Features to Make YOU Smile
Show and Tell in Full HD 3D
Highly precise, accurate full HD 3D images offer enhanced image quality
More vivid color and texture
3D HD color better reflects the true invivo situation
One Scanner - Three Workflows
Reinvent Your Orthodontics
One Scanner - Three Workflows
Implant Planning Made Easy
Conduct comparison of the digital impressions with and without scan bodies with split-screen viewing
Compatible with open system implant planning and surgical guide software
Split-screen viewing for side-by-side comparison
Mode selection button
Result of studies and focus groups of existing scanner users

Focuses on the key needs of practitioners
Communication without fees
Ease of use
No powder
Jump to any position in the patient's mouth to fill in missing information with the Intelligent Matching System
No need to indicate an exact location or follow a specific direction
Simply move and Scan
Work with who you want
As open as it gets
EnvisionTec Perfactory Vida
Orchestrate 3D
MoonRay D
MoonRay D
Amman Girrbach Mikro IC
Infection Control
1. Scan
2. Send Digitally
3. Receive
One-Click Quadrant Snapshots
One-Click Occlusal Heat-Mapping
One-Click Placement of Scans on an ABO Base
The CS 3600 is OPTIMIZED for dual-arch scans
Intraoral Camera Function
Occlusal Reduction Measuring Tool
Undercut Identification Tool
Amman Girrbach Cerramil Motion 2
More flexibility in scanning means less technique sensitivity
Cannot touch the teeth if scanner has optics in the tip.

What happens if it gets scratched?
Omnicam tip
Just released:
New Posterior Tip!
Infection Control
~14mm scanning range
ADA protocol for cold sterilization of dental instruments
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