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Expanding Our World: Appling Social Media for Business

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Jessi Kelchen

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Expanding Our World: Appling Social Media for Business

Applying Social Networking for Business
Social Networking
network of social interactions and personal relationships.
dedicated website or other application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc..

-Oxford Dictionary
1971 - the first email

2004 - Facebook @ Harvard
2006 - Twitter
2007 - Facebook Beacon Ad System

2011 -550 million Facebook users
65 million tweets a day
90 million professional
LinkedIn users
2 billion YouTube videos
viewed daily

2012 - Advertisers using "likes" for

Team J's

Jessica Kelchen
Emily Boehm
Joy Dale
Chris Owen

Lessons Learned
Social Media is a very useful tool if used correctly!

History of Social Media
Platforms of Social Media
Pros/Cons of Social Media
Using Social Media to Grow
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
With over 800 million users on Facebook
Also with 350 million having access through mobile devices helps the businesses connect all the time.
Also the ability to market the businesses for little to no money is a big advantage
This is like virtual word-of-mouth and it is the type of networking that every business could benefit from
Types of Social Media
Pros/Cons of Social Media
Pros/Cons of Social Networking
Social networking takes time, effort, and involves hidden soft costs
Social networking hurts employees productivity
Businesses that provide an inferior product or poor service will get a lot of negative feedback
Facebook -1.11 Billion Users

Twitter - 500 million registered users

YouTube - 4 billion views daily

LinkedIn - 225 million users

Astronauts tweet from space


In the future it will not be a question of if a business uses social networking, it will be a matter of how well they do it!
The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of social media
Enterprise 2.0 the use of social networking and blog technologies in the workplace.
Enterprise 2.0 the use of social networking and blog technologies in the workplace.
describes how organizations use social networking and blog technologies to open up communications, while still keeping the focus on work and protecting the privacy of information exchanges.
For best results, know your target market and which platform they are most likely to use

This is a social network built for business users to use and connect with big named people of different companies and people known around the world.
this social network helps businesses stay in touch with people and view them as potential employees
Many businesses use this network as a recruiting helper
businesses can see peoples past jobs, present day activities, and future desires.
Points of Emphasis

Customers can connect with brands. (Followers on Twitter)
-Build a community not a sales channel
Talent Acquisition: Linkedin
Know your target market and which platform they are most likely to use.
Opportunity to change perception of product.
Try to influence conversations between consumers.
(Opportunity or Tragedy)
Platform for employees to communicate with each other. (Spiceworks)
-Harvard Business Review

Points of Emphasis

Can make teams within an organization more productive.
Organizations can create communities rather than
individual customers and employees.
(Retirees, Former employees)
Social media should not be used to push and sell,
but rather to pull people in. (T.V., Radio)

Used to Research customers,
clients, and employees.

Search Engine Rankings

(Comments on Facebook)

Increase the traffic to your website.

Marketing Research
(Surveys) (Likes & Dislikes)

Advertise Specials & Promotions
(Community Motors)

Customers are more trusting
& Gain more insight.

Customers are allowed to Sample

Points Of Emphasis

Provides businesses with immediate feedback on products, services, and ideas.
Improves company image, visibility, and increased revenue
Businesses can easily connect with customers & build loyalty
Your competitors are using social media . . . ARE YOU?
Any Questions?
Twitter can benefit your company by satisfying the customer with services and will help direct more people to the business
Communicating with people about how the business is going what is happening.
Will help the businesses follow their competitors and provide them with better opportunities
Will strengthen connections with potential customers in the community and general areas around it.
YouTube and the Business
It's Free
People like to watch not read
Many Viewers
Global and Local viewers
Out performing
Selling all the time
Shows clients who you are
Hot Spot
Enterprise 2.0
"What are you working on?"

a corporate communication tool built around the question:
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