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Exotic Animals As Pets

No description

Ashley Chandler

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Exotic Animals As Pets

by Ashley Chandler Exotic Animals As Pets Thesis Statement I feel people should not be able to keep exotic animals as pets unless the owner is taking care of an animal that needs help and has worked with exotic animals previously. Theses exotic animals need to stay in their natural habitats. Exotic animals can injure and kill people or animals and other wildlife. Exotic animals, by definition, are not domesticated.

There are 5,000 - 7,000 more tigers as pets in the United States than are in the wild.

There has been over 80 deaths contributed to animals in homes in the last 20 years. My solution is that exotic animals are not allowed to be kept as pets besides the ones that are already pets. The only people allowed to keep exotic animals as pets are people who are trained or have worked with exotic animals and have the animal because the animal is sick, or has an injury, or the animal cannot take care of themselves. Also the people who have them currently are not allowed to have any more exotic animals as pets. They can still keep the ones they have currently. "It is not fair that the people who have one can keep the exotic animal as a pet, yet I can’t get one. All exotic animals are not bad. If I trained my animal then I would not have a problem. " An event happen in Zanesville Ohio on October 19, 2011. A man named Terry released all of his exotic animals. The animals that were killed included 18 tigers, nine male lions, eight female lions, six black bears, three mountain lions, two grizzly bears, one baboon and two wolves. Six animals were taken to the Columbus Zoo. (a grizzly bear, three leopards and two monkeys) Only 8 states have no laws regulating private possession of exotic animals. Alabama, Idaho, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin Exotic Animals As Pets Exotic Animals As Pets Exotic Animals As Pets: Solution Exotic Animals As Pets: Counterclaim Exotic Animals As Pets: Response “It might not seem fair that they can keep their pet and you can’t have one. If I told people they had to get rid of their pets, what would happen? It would be a nightmare. You can’t just take away someone’s pet. They can be attached to that pet like you might be to your pet. Also if I told people they had to get rid of their pet then there would be exotic animals all over the street. You can try and train an exotic animal. That doesn’t mean they will we tamed. Exotic animals can’t be tamed.“ Exotic Animals As Pets ...going online and sign petitions You can help by... ...spread the word out to other people ...by not having exotic animals as pets ...join a protest The End Cute when little, deadly when grown.
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