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Claudia Keyser

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Duke

Hobie Hanson fell in love with a German Shepard named Duke the moment he laid eyes on him. But with the war going strong, can this 6th grade boy be as strong? He is the man of the house now, but is he "doing all he can?"
By: Kirby Larson

: Historical Fiction

The setting of "Duke" takes place in Seattle, Washington 1944. In a community during World War 2. The people in Hobie's community are more fortunate than most others, but still have challenges.
: An 11-year old boy that is courageous and determined.
: A classmate of Hobie who is friendly and caring.
: The class bully who is mean and tough.
: A german shepard who is obedient and playful.
Third Person- "Wait!" June jumped up and ran to the kitchen. She came out carrying a bottle of milk."Everybody needs a glass of magic milk," she said.
Figurative Language
"Duke followed Hobie to the front door, looking as innocent as a baby lamb, but Hobie was wise to his tricks
11-year old boy Hobie Hanson is heart broken when his best friend Scooter moves away. But throughout good times and bad,Duke,Hobie's german shepard dog is
with him. His father joined the war about a year before, and then later the family gets a letter telling them that he will be serving longer than expected. Hobie faces the hardest decision of his life when he asks himself "Is he doing all he can to help the soldiers in the war?" When he awners "no", Hobie finally decides he is going to send Duke to war thru a program called "Dogs for Defense". Will Duke ever be the same? Will Hobies father be safe? Read Duke to
This book was exciting and informational. For this reason, I give this book 4 stars!!!
I recommend this book for grades 5+ who like learning about WW2. If you are into German Shepards like me, you would also enjoy this book.
-Front cover
3 historical facts
-German Shepards were common dogs on the battle field because of their keen nose, courage and train ability.

People would hold paper drives to supply paper items such as newspapers for families and soldiers who were short of paper.
Many families put together care packages for their loved ones in war
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