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Copy of The Undivided Life

No description

Josh Ritter

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Undivided Life

The Undivided Life
Process of Integration
Cultivation of the "self"
Practices of Intentionality
A whole new dynamic of being

Spiritual Formation is the process of being conformed/transformed to the image of Christ for the sake of Others
- M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.
Community Engagement

The Cross and Resurrection are radical symbols of empowerment and transformation
Baylor (as place) provides the space for students to embody, enrich, and enact that transformation
A Hidden Wholeness
Walking on a journey in partnership with students as they discover who they are while on spiritual and educational pilgrimage
Rootlessness, placelessness, fear, inauthentic, anxiety, out of joint, non-place

Identity formation and the process of becoming our truest selves

The Divided Self
A Process Model of Faith Development
Time of God
Opportune Moment
For the time of God is now and the new movement of God's spirit is closer than your very skin. Transform your heart, transform your life, transform your mind and your entire way of thinking, and believe because this is good news. Mark 1:15
Theological Lenses
Theologizing is a meaning-search; an autobiographical pilgrimage

A process of furnishing one's World with behavior and purpose/calling

Christian education is the process of making self-aware the ongoing dialogue between one's faith expression and one's daily life
Processes of Faith Development

Movements from authority to complexity and mystery
Moving from Us versus Them to "We"
Transition from inherited faith to one's "own" faith

Service and Mission Immersion Programs
An Ecumenical Worldview

Mission Waco
Mission Waco Legal Services
Habitat for Humanity
Urban Teams
Fragmentation and threat

Food for Thought model
Faculty and Staff sharing
Learning about the Other
Citizenship and Popular Culture
Living a connected Christianity with/in a disconnected culture

Active citizens in a global community
"Spiritual but not Religious"
Kairos Weekend
Welcome to the Desert of the Reel
Religious Rhetoric in Society

Tools of Development
Theological Worlds Inventory
Spiritual Autobiography (This I Believe); my experience with students
Journaling Groups
Reading Groups
Dialogue-Based Spirituality
Faith Discussions
Mentoring, Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Disciplines
Self-reflection and awareness
Theological Worlds
World One
Rhythm: Separation and Reunion
Issue: Cosmos
Feel: Longing
Obsessio: Isolation as abandonment
State: Alien/Orphan
Christology: Revealer/Evoker
Epiphania: Coming home/harmony
World Two
Rhythm: Conflict and Vindication
Issue: History
Feel: Anger
Obsessio: Normlessness as chaos
State: Warrior
Christology: Messiah/Liberator
Epiphania: New Earth
World Three
Rhythm: Emptiness and Fulfillment
Issue: Self
Feel: Ache (void)
Obsessio: Self-estrangement
State: Outcast
Christology: Example/Model
Epiphania: Wholeness/Belonging
World Four
Rhythm: Condemnation and Forgiveness
Issue: Demonic
Feel: Guilt
Obsessio: Powerlessness as idolatry
State: Fugitive
Christology: Savior/Redeemer
Epiphania: Adoption
World Five
Rhythm: Suffering and Endurance
Issue: Life
Feel: Overwhelmed
Obsessio: Meaninglessness as engulfment
State: Victim/Refugee
Christology: Suffering Servant/Companion
Epiphania: Survival/Endure
Church Involvement

The worship of God is not a rule of safety - it is an adventure of the spirit, a flight after the unattainable. The death of religion comes with the repression of the high hope of adventure.
The process of spiritual formation requires intentional leadership and spiritual direction
No person becomes mature without taking the religious quest seriously
- Peter A. Bertocci

Freshman Seminars - University 1000
"Meaning of Life" course
Chapel Alternatives/Groups
Spiritual Quest Initiatives
General Wellness, Search for
Vocation, Dialogues, Leadership
Classical Christian Pilgrimage
Encounter with God and self
Deep-seated structures of being and behavior
Coming to trust
Integration of being
Increasing social concern
Abandonment to Grace
W. Paul Jones on
Theological Diversity
Religious Faith as Creative Insecurity
Basic Christian convictions about life and freedom grow from the very attempt to live deeply and understand as much as possible about our journey and our sense of place

Love, Compassion, Creativity, Responsibility, Grace,
Peace, Courage, Suffering,
Living in community through the individual expressions of our diversity and complexity
No just more information, but more experience
The process of spiritual formation is impossible without being actively engaged in a community of faith
- Alfred North Whitehead
Place and Belonging
Baylor is an authentic place where space is intentionally constructed to re-negotiate and re-interpret that feeling of dis-placement
Baylor is a space of "in dwelling" and "belonging" - a spiritual landscape of intertwined social activities and webs of meaning and rituals that allow for the movement from observation to participation
The transition to the university is a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dis-placement
Enactment and practice of compassion within an intentional, communal spiritual landscape
The Matrix, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Lord of the Rings
Worship as a daily practice
Prayer as a way of life
Types of prayer
Critical thinking, reading, and writing
Academic Disciplines
Meditation as intentional action
Life as a work of art
James Fowler - stages of faith
Sharon Parks - processes of faith in college students
Brian McLaren - simplicity, complexity, perplexity, harmony
A movement towards wholeness
Dependence to
Continuing strong relationships with local churches that serve as intentional partners to help students find a community that "fits" them and helps them feel connected
Hunger/Food Insecurity
Christ calls us to live in diverse community with Others
Experiencing diversity through interaction and dialogue is vital for faith development
Educating men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within
a caring community
- Baylor Mission Statement
Rev. Joshua R. Ritter, Ph.D.
Fiducia - trust
Fidelitas - faithfulness
Visio - vision
Critical thinking about pop culture spiritualities

Movie Night
for the
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