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EndNote: Getting Started

No description

Benjamin Nichols

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of EndNote: Getting Started

Insert citation (search)
Insert selected citation(s)
Change style, format
Add page numbers, prefix, suffix
Path to Success with EndNote
Set Up A Library
Adding References
Today we've learned how to:
Download & Install EndNote
Create a Library & Add Connection Files
Add References to your Library
Attach Files
Cite in Microsoft Word
Create & Work with Bibliographies
A program used to
find, store, and organize
references and bibliographies to use when writing articles, theses, and dissertations
It works with Microsoft Word to automatically format
in-text citations
and end-of-paper
reference lists
with your chosen style (like APA, Turabian & hundreds more)
With an account on EndNote Online, you can
across devices,
references with others,
, and
back up
your work.
Question & Answer Session
How To Use EndNote in 7 Minutes (Windows)
How To Use EndNote in 6 Minutes (Macintosh)
Resources for Learning More

EndNote: Getting Started
Andrews University Leadership Department
Presenter: Ben Nichols
July 21, 2014
Download EndNote
Cite in Microsoft Word
Add a Connection File
Attach a File
Create a Library
Install It
Add References (3 Methods)
Working with Bibliographies
In this presentation, you will learn how to...
Attach a File
Cite in Microsoft Word
Find the file (Check “Downloads” folder) and double-click to start installing
Next Accept → Next → Accept EULA → Next → Installation Type: Select “Typical” → Next → Next Next ( Security Access may be required; Click Yes for UAC) → Program will Install (you may need to wait a couple of minutes) → Finish
Congratulations! You’ve got EndNote X7 installed!
What is EndNote?
Add references to bibliography only
Make changes to style
Custom format bibliography
Export subject bibliography
EndNote Bibliographies
Add a Connection File
1. Search
2. Export/Import
3. Manual

Find and Open the File...
File>Close Reference
Add references to bibliography only
Change the Bibliography style
Customize Bibliography Format
Create a Subject Bibliography
Creating Groups
Adding Citations
Group Sets
Smart Groups
Using Groups
Create account
Setup Sync (in EN)
Work online
Share groups/refs
EndNote Online
Reference Style
Choosing from dozens
Custom style
Author names specificity & consistency
Colons, spaces, marks
Reference/Resource Type
Common Issues
E-mail questions: ???
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