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Equipment List

List of stuff.

Mr B

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Equipment List

Kitchen Equipment Measuring spoons Used for measuring small amounts Dry Measuring Cups Used for measuring cups of dry material. Liquid measuring cups Used to measure liquids in cups Sifter Used to separate fine and course grains of flour Rubber spatula Used to pick up and flip food Straight-edge spatula Used for smoothing and leveling Instant-read thermometer Used to get quick results on the temperature of food. Food scale Used to measure the weight food. Bread knife Used to cut through bread without crushing it Chef's knife / French knife Can be used for mincing, slicing, and disjointing various foods. Paring knife Used for peeling and other small and intricate work. Slicing knife Used to slice thin cuts of meat. Straightening steel Used to keep the edge of knives straight and sharp. Food chopper Used for chopping and preparing food. Grater / Shredder Used to shred food into fine pieces Kitchen Shears Used as a general purpose tool. Pastry blender Used to mix fat into flour to make pastries. Peeler Used to peel food. Cutting board Used as a stable place to cut food. Can opener Used to open cans. Colander Used to drain food. Strainer Used to strain liquid. Rolling pin Used to shape and flatten dough. Slotted Spoon Used to take food from bowls without taking liquid with it. Blender Used to mix or puree food. Food Processor Used to mix, puree, slice, grind, and shred food. Fork Used to lift or hold food in place. Mixing bowls / Nested mixing bowls Used to hold food for mixing. Wire whisk Used to whisk or whip food. Wooden spoon Used to mix ingredients for cooking or baking. Hand mixer Used to mix, fold, and beat food. Stand mixer Used to mix ingredients in dough. Baking sheet Used for baking bread in an oven Cookie sheet Used for baking smaller things, like cookies. Cake pan Used as a mold for cakes. Loaf pan Used as a mold for baking bread. Muffin pan Used as a mold for baking muffins. Pie pan Used as a mold for cooking pies. Pizza pan Used to hold cooking pizzas. Roasting pan Used for roasting meat in an oven. Square / Rectangle Pan Used for general purpose baking or roasting. Casserole Used as both a serving vessel and for deep dish cooking Double boiler Used to cook sauces on stove tops. Pot Used in boiling and other stove top operations. Saucepan Used for simmering or boiling Saute Pan / Skillet Used for sauteing Steamer Used for steaming foods Wok Used for stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, broiling, braising, searing, and stewing. Cooking Rack Used for roasting meat Ladle Used for serving soup or stew Pastry brush Used to spread oil or glaze on food Oven mitt / Potholder Used to protect the wearer's hands from hot pots Tongs Used for griping or lifting food Turner Used for flipping or turning food Electric skillet / Griddle Used for frying independently of a stove Slow cooker Used for simmering Toaster Used for toasting Toaster oven Used for toasting and other electric oven operations Microwave oven Used for heating food Range / Oven Used for baking or roasting Dishwasher Used for washing dishes
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