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Caden Nix & Adam Lin

No description

lib hist

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Caden Nix & Adam Lin

Hector Cafferata
He displayed valor when he saved his allies from immediate danger when he risked his own life by throwing a grenade which severely injured him which also shows honor as he valued their life above his own. He more than deserves the Medal of Honor through his actions as he showed how he valued others lives before his own
Hector A. Cafferata Jr.
Medal of Honor
Rarest award in Military. It is gifted to the those who have gone beyond the call of duty and personal valor. It is awarded personally by the President and is the greatest moral medal that any American can ever receive. Established in 1861, it holds great meaning to serving your country as solider and putting your future on the line for someone else's. It represents sacrifice, valor, courage, patriotism and selflessness

Adam Lin and Caden Nix

Mary Edwards Walker
Mary was a civil war surgeon who earned the Medal of Honor in 1865. She was the symbolism of courage as she was the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor. Also, because she was a woman, she didn't have many rights during the time but that didn't stop her and her determination took her to Indiana Hospital in D.C where she found an nonpaying job.
William Harvey Carney
William Harvey Carney was a Civil War soldier who earned the Medal of Honor from his actions during the Battle of Fort Wagner. He is also considered the first african american to receive this medal. He most represents patriotism as shown when he carried the american Flag and never let it fall although he was severely injured. This gallantry shows his patriotism for his own country as his pride refused to let the american dream fall.
Santiago J. Erevia
Santiago was a Vietnam War veteran who earned the Medal of Honor during his time near Tam Ky City, in the Republic of Vietnam. His exemplary actions during the war earned his sergeant's respect and recognition for the Medal of Honor. He put his allies lives above his own when his bunker was cornered and under attack, he courageously charged through intense fire while holding the pin on a hand grenade and pulled it which in turn saved his teammates and the mission.
The medal of honor is a mental reminder that freedom comes with a price and that these men/woman show triumph over fear. They also live with the fact that other men or woman that died in their war will never have the chance to experience the M.O.H so they live for the lives their comrades will never experience and wear the Medal as tombstone for those close to them that lost their lives in the war.
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